blanketID Dog Tags

Kirby is my heart dog! His safety and well being is my top concern whether we are at home or travelling. He wears a small red heart tag engraved with his name, my name and cell phone number.  He has also been microchipped.  He is always on a leash unless he is in a secured area.  So why get a blanketID dog tag?

Because they go one step further!  If Kirby is ever lost or stolen then he is scared and I would be in a panic. Fortunately, his blanketID tag has a unique number that links to Kirby's profile with his medical details, any allergies or dietary requirements, care instructions, additional emergency contact numbers and a recent photo. Anyone that finds him has instant 24/7 access to this information simply by going to on any computer, smart phone or tablet and entering the unique number listed on his tag.

I also have quick access to lost posters with his picture and information. Once I notify blanketID, they automatically send these posters by email to shelters, animal hospitals, SPCA offices and local blanketID members within a 15 mile radius of where he was last seen.  Then they send me an email detailing who has been notified so I can follow up.  I can also print the poster directly from the site to hand out and post wherever I choose.  Even if Kirby has lost his collar and/or tag a poster I have already designed is ready with his name and picture on it.

This tag is really stylishly cute, waterproof, scratch resistant and 100% made in America.  I was concerned about the size but it is small (the size of a quarter) and very lightweight. They have 40 patterned designs to choose from and I was told they have plans to let customers create their own in the near future.  Kirby will absolutely have to have one that's chocolate carob brown with blue paw prints - his signature colors! 

I chose a simple pattern because we never remove his collar and I wanted one that wouldn't take away from his outfits and/or props for pictures.  You can choose from fabulous bright flowers and patterns to sophisticated plaids and bow ties.  Americans and Canadians can choose tags to show off their patriotism.  Each tag costs $24.99 which includes the first year membership with additional years costing less than $7.00 per year.  They can be purchased online or at stores throughout Canada and the United States. I purchased my tag online directly from blanketID and was quite pleased with how quickly I received it in the mail.  A lost tag can be replaced for only $12.99 - the unique number changes but all information stays the same so no need to re-enter a thing.  

The only caution I can give would be the colors which aren't always true based on the monitor you are viewing.  Kirby's tag (Plaid Neutral) looked brown and blue when it actually was gray and blue.  I still love it, however, if I get a replacement tag I would call first to get the true colors.

Actually I prefer he wear both tags and, since I am the boss, he does.  I know I am over cautious but I plan to keep this sweet boy for a very long time! Another plus is it doesn't make that "jingle" noise against his heart tag.  I ordered the tag right before we went on vacation.  This tag is stylish enough that several people commented about it. The Kirbster was a walking advertisement but then he can be such a dapper little guy!

I had been eyeing these tags for quite some time but then I caught a sale on Barking Deals I couldn't resist.  I got the tag with a 7 year membership (a $70.00 value) for only $25.00.  I added a small rubit clip ($6.00) which makes moving it to different collars a snap.  If you think this is more than you can afford right now then keep an eye out for discounts or even giveaways.  I didn't realize how well made and solid this tag is until I held it in my hand so I have to say it is well worth the money.  If I come across any future deals I'll post it on Kirby's FaceBook Page. We happily give the blanketID dog tag four paws and a wag!

Need just a little more incentive?  Keeping your furbaby safe with blanketID helps other animals in need since over 15% of all profits go to Blanket Fund for Animals.  Blanket further created ‘FundsForever’ in January of 2011 to let companies and retailers provide an on-going stream of funds for selected animal welfare organizations.

Disclosure:  I purchased the blanketID Dog Tag.  We were not compensated in any way and this is my personal opinion of the product.