2012 Cotton District Arts Festival Recap

I talked about the Cotton District Arts Festival earlier in the week letting you know what it's all about. You can read that post here.  

I do want to mention how important it is to ASK before petting a dog who is out in public.  Most dogs are friendly but can become startled by an unsuspected touch. Then there are the service dogs who are in work mode.  We always have quite a few people ask if they can pet Kirby which we are more than happy to allow.  Kirby is very well behaved especially with small children.  He seems to know he must be gentle and very still.  He has had people come up to pet him from behind which has caused him to bolt not knowing what just "grabbed" him.  Some dogs could bite out of fear! Also, I never allow any children to pick him up since he is heavier than expected and could be dropped causing injury.

The day was cloudy but clear and rather chilly!  Even the guys were wearing long sleeve shirts or pullovers.  Kirby started the day wearing a shirt but as it warmed up, judging by hi tongue hanging out, I had to remove it.

This is a compilation of some of the many photos I took showcasing just how friendly and welcoming this event is for humans who want to bring along their fave furiend.  The first picture touched me when this lovely lady asked to pet Kirby, then bent down to hold his face in her hands.  I watched as tears flowed down her cheeks while she and Kirby shared an intimate connection.  Afterwards she told me Kirby looked so much like her 11 year old Australian Terrier she lost this past December. I like to think Kirby understood her pain and was encouraging her to open her heart to another dog waiting for a home.


For lunch Doug and I grabbed a couple of delicious Greek lamb gyros from Zorba's Greek Tavern which Kirby was more than happy to finish for us while Tara and Jordan went for the best pizza in twon which can be found at Dave's Dark Horse.  Soft drinks, water, lemonade and beer were available at several locations throughout the festival.  We also enjoyed hanging out listening to some of the local singers and bands play while Kirby relaxed on the soft grass.

There were rows of booths up and down several streets filled with some great artistic choices.  Since we were going on vacation I didn't want to spend too much but I did succumb to a well made iron rebar shepherd's hook to hang a few hummingbird feeders in my backyard.  Tara purchased some jewelry and Doug found another hand carved wooden spoon to add to his growing collection.

We never miss this fun dog friendly event that just gets better and better each year!