Kirby's First PawPal Package!

Kirby was very excited when his PawPal package arrived last week and we took a lot of pictures.  Then I got busy finalizing all the plans for our vacation.  I promised our trip would be all about the adventure so I left my laptop at home.  I did post a few pics on Kirby's FaceBook Page from my phone but otherwise we stayed joyfully lost in the French Quarter.  Hence when I received an email on my phone reminding me to post this on the 25th I had to immediately reply with an apology since I had no written post to post!  We returned home from our vacation last night so I knew I needed to get this done today.  

Kirby received his PawPal Package this month from Prudence of A Coonhound's Tales who lives in New Jersey.  His nose was on treat alert as he shoved his head into the box the second I had the top opened. 


First, he had to read the New York City post card which made him think he might want to go visit there someday...


Licking his chops in anticipation he wondered why Kaitlyn had come over to investigate HIS box...


Was she thinking of taking one of his treats?  Would he have to share?


Then it was time for the obligatory pose beside all the goodies as he carefully kept an eye on Kaitlynn who was circling the perimeter


Realizing there was a bag of cat treats he relaxed and settled down to chomp on one of the delicious, aroma enticing pizzle sticks


He yummily declared there were some great doggers with excellent taste living in the big city that never sleeps


He so loves squeaky toys so he knew he would have so much fun playing with the little bumblebee once he had devoured the very last tasty morsel of this awesome pizzle stick


Thank you Prudence, and mom Theresa!  Your package was pawsome!  How did you know Kirby absolutely, positively looooves a bully stick?  The little bumblebee - Kaitlynn thinks it's her toy and swats it around until Kirby snatches it up.  Sending the cat treats was a sweet idea my girls - Kaitlynn and Chelsea- very much appreciated.

Since we are late with this post we have already seen the post from our PawPal recipient.


Do you want to join PawPals?  Sign up is easy AND FREE with a $10.00 limit for each package of goodies such as treats, toys, whatever you want to send. If you don't have a blog you can still play because all you would need to do is write your dog(s) reaction in an email, attach a few pictures, and send to Doggiedessertchef or us or any blogger you know that is playing.

Kirby loves getting mail - I swear he always knows if it's for him!  How fun if some of Kirby's followers joined so we might get to send a package of goodies chosen just for them by Kirby.