Kirby Is On Vacation

I has been on road trips before but this is my very first real vacation.  I mean we is staying at a real B&B (thats a bed & breakfast so I think we gets to eat in the bed!) in the French Quarter!  We is gonna be tourists sniffing out all the things a dogger needs to know!

The French Quarter is in New Orleans Louisiana and I is told it is a very dog friendly place.  Mama checked and I is gonna get to go on a horse carriage ride (I seen War Horse) and I is goin on the ferry (thats a boat) across a great big puddle of water and I is even goin on a scary ghost tour - I told mama she can carries me so she dont get scared.

We gonna do a lot of sightseein (thats takin a walk with lots of stuff to see) and Mama says they gots all kinds of foods cookin all the time everwhere so my nose is gonna be v-e-r-y busy!  I mean I has to taste everthin so mama can writes some real reviews.  You has to know if the food is good cos who cares if Fido can go if you dont wants to eat the food!

And iffen we come across a place they dont allows dogs?  I got that covered too!  With this disguise no body would ever know I is a dog! Or mebbe they think I some doggie famous and I could gets special VIP treatments.  It coulds happen! 

Mama works all week at a job that gives her some money so we can has a roof overs our heads and food for our bellies and then she comes home and helps me with my stuff - this blog, my FaceBook page, you know all the stuff doggers do nowadays.  So we talked abouts it and we is not gonna be doin anything with our blog while we is on our vacation but dont worry none cos we will have lots of stuff to post when we gets back like what we did and saw at the Cotton District Festival (I seen lots of doggers there and I ate some lamb) and what I gots in my very first PawPal box (it was pawsome!) and we gots to tell you all about my new fancy smancy dog tag from blanketID. AND lots of stuff abouts the French Quarter!

So I hopes everbody has a good week and I barks at you soon!  Oh, you might can finds me on my FaceBook page just a little bit.  Muaw! (thats a kiss)


Kirby the Dorkie