Plant A Veggie Garden Or Two

Since we enclosed the backyard with a four foot fence I knew I didn't want to continue with my raised garden beds which were now outside the fenced area in the left part of my backyard.  Another reason was that even though they look very nice it has become difficult to find the time to take care of all four beds, especially the weeding part.

We decided to tear them down and let that part of the yard go back to just grass since that makes it so easy to simply ride the lawn mower across.  It's amazing how much quicker it was to tear down the beds compared to the time it took to build and maintain them!

I still love to play in the dirt where I can grow flowers, herbs and vegetables.  I have several flower beds inside my backyard and just planted my herb garden which you can read about here.  I almost always purchase perennials for my flower beds.  They do cost more but return year after year so I am saving money in the long run.  I suppose when my beds become full I will simply have to prepare another.  I do plant some annual flowers on my deck each summer.

Anyway I knew I wanted some raised beds inside the fence to grow a few veggies.  Checking the local stores I found Greenland Gardner raised bed kits.  For less than $40.00 I got a 42" x 42"x 6" bed made from recycled composite material. So simple!  So nice!  I purchased one and went home to give it a try.  I liked it so much I purchased another a few days later.  This time I remembered to take pictures...

Step 1 - choose a sunny out of the way spot.  You can see the first one I did to the right.


Step 2 - Roll out several layers of weed block fabric or newspapers.  Slide the pieces together and place on top.  Use a level and shovel dirt below the weed barrier under the edges of the boards.  This really makes the bed look good in the yard.


Step 3 - Fill the box with good garden soil.  It was more work but free to use the soil from my old beds since it was already full of really good organic stuff.


 Step 4 - Plant your veggies, add mulch, and water.


Step 5 - Watch your garden grow!  I planted six of my fave Roma tomatoes, one Early Girl tomato plant, two Husky Cherry plants, six broccoli plants, spinach leaves, and radishes (seeds). 


While at the store I just couldn't resist this adorable doggie planter!  I placed a nice little plant in it, placed it by Kirby's Pet Peek Window, and was aghast to see him promptly hike his leg and pee on it! Oh well, that's a dogger for you!  

Have you started your veggie garden yet?