The Dog That Talked To God, A Novel

A few weeks ago I was invited to review "The Dog That Talked To God" a novel written by Jim Kraus and published by Abingdon Press.  I don't want to give away too much or especially the ending so I'll try to stick to the basics.

The Dog That Talked to God - Jim Kraus.jpg

This first person dialogue draws the reader into one woman's daily life as she opens her empty home to a furry little companion all the while struggling with a devastating past and an empty future.  

Mary Fassler has suffered a life changing tragedy.  Not only has she lost both her husband and only child in a horrible accident but, filled with an overwhelming anger, she has turned away from God.  Not able to bear another Christmas alone she decides to purchase a dog.  She chooses a Miniature Schnauzer since her husband always wanted one and names him Rufus.  Through the coming days, weeks, and months Mary and Rufus develop that indescribable bond as they travel their inevitable journey together. 

One night during a walk Rufus turns to Mary and speaks.  We aren’t talking barks here.  He speaks using human words.   He not only speaks to her but proceeds to tell her he also talks to God as all dogs do.  It was at this point the story pulled me in like a fish on a hook.  I mean, I talk to Kirby all the time and, yes I admit it, often times I voice his answers back.  I also firmly believe God can use anything he wants to reach us so why not a dog?  Oh Lord, I wish Kirby could really speak in English!  What conversations we would have!

Over time Mary has learned to live somewhat peacefully with her anger but when Rufus begins sharing advice from God she finds herself beginning to listen.  Her life soon starts to change as she takes dramatic steps to follow what Rufus is telling her she should do.  Sometimes she has doubts but blindly follows hoping Rufus really is talking to God. 

This novel is written by a man, Jim Kraus, and yet I was amazed on how many levels I could relate to Mary.  No, I haven’t suffered such a tragedy as hers but life has been hard just the same.  At times I could feel her pain, at times I cheered her on.  Always I adored little Rufus, so wise beyond his puppy years.

Overall, I loved this story from the first page to the very last.  I actually slowed down reading the last chapter because I didn’t want the story to end.  However end it did leaving me wanting more.  Oh how I wish there is a sequel! 

Want to read the first chapter? Click HERE and feel yourself get drawn into Mary's life with Rufus.  

If you love a good story then you want this book.  "The Dog That Talked to God“ is a story that takes the reader on a moving and inspirational journey of faith, tragedy, loneliness, and finally hope with a little help from an adorable little dog.  

Disclosure: We received this book to review. It's a favorite so we want to share it with our readers.