Jammies Are So Adorkable!

I never thought about jammies for Kirby until some of the dogs and cats on Facebook starting showing up in their jammies.  They were so cute I couldn't resist purchasing a few for Kirby.  A yellow pair with the cutest little duckies and a blue striped pair resembling long johns with the customary butt flap. They just give any dog or cat that oh, so sweet factor.

There is a huge selection of jammies for dogs and cats from super cute to super stylish with every color and you could desire.  Besides looking cute they keep a dog warm at night when most people turn down the heat before going to bed and can keep the hair from shedding all over those beautiful bed linens.

When I put the first jammie on Kirby he didn't know what to do!  He had never worn something on his back legs so he just stood there frozen.  We had to walk away so he would start walking which he did very stiffly.  However by the end of the first night he was running and romping in them.  Ooops! We did discover this one covered too much when he went out to potty in the morning.

I did notice Doug share a "you poor little guy" look with Kirby whose expression clearly had that "why mama" look.  I had no sympathy since I am in love with his jammies - so adorkably cute! 



Then we sent out a model call on Kirby's Facebook Page for jammie pics...

Who could resist Scrappy from Yorkie Tails in his baby blue jammies

Peppermint from Dexter's Ruff Life rocking her 'Heidi Klum' jammie pose - look at those long legs!

 JJ and Jewel owned by Judi Mackay Mootrey sharing the spotlight in their his and her jammie styles

Jewel (the Dorkie) owned by Judi Mackay Mootrey modeling another stylish yet playful look!

JJ owned by Judi Mackay Mootrey showing his colorful modern yet sophisticated style

Jake of the Royal Ruskies modeling his pawsome plaid jammies

and Elwood the other half of the Royal Ruskies looking every bit the cats meow in his winter plaids.

Jammies aren't just for humans anymore! Cozy, comfy, stylish - I just want to cuddle each one!