Sunday Smiles

I had a rough day yesterday morning with Kirby at a rally trial.  We had been practicing quite a bit so I felt confident with the outcome.  Until we actually did the trial.  I completely panicked then felt terrible about it the rest of the day.  Later that night I watched the video Doug had taken of us and felt even worse.  I could see Kirby trying so hard to do what I was asking but he was confused because I wasn't talking to him as I normally do.  I wasn't being his team member which was devastating for both if us.

Then I watched this video.


Watching Sammi learn to walk again put everything back into perspective.  The most important thing I forgot is the fact that Kirby IS my heart dog which means we are a team.  I've been teaching him to focus on me and I forgot to focus on him.  Stressing over perfection pretty much sucked all the fun out of it for both of us and nearly cost us his title.

Miracles happen all around us as Sammi and his mom can attest.  With patience and faith we can accomplish so much but along the way we need to relax and live in the moments we are given with these amazing dogs God places in our paths.  Dogs live in the moment so I'm fortunate he did't hold any grudges.

I do love you Kirby bear! Hug, hug, kiss, kiss. Have you hugged your heart dog today?