Glorious Spring Is Here

The winter doldrums are over!  I am a summer girl at heart which means spring livens my step as I watch the earth warm up sprouting various shades of glorious greens with bursts of colorful flowers here and there.

We spent last weekend cleaning up the yard readying for spring.  It was amazing how many boxes of dead leaves we raked up!  But now the grass is turning green and the planting season has begun.  Kirby loves spending time outside no matter the weather.  I've watched him these past few days with his nose forever to the ground as he scurries about the back yard picking up scents and digging every now and then.  I get tickled every time Kaitlynn looks as if she has found something for Kirby will run to see what she may have.


Today was such a beautiful day I decided to build my new herb garden.  I have some really nice raised vegetable beds but they are now outside the newly fenced area of our back yard.  It was a nice looking design but I just don't have time to tend to four beds. so we plan to dismantle them and rebuild two beds inside the fenced area.  I love to grow tomatoes - roma and cherry, brocolli, and my zinnias.  Sadly, I will still have to mow the yard outside the fenced area :(

We are going to place the new beds along the left side fencing so I chose the end corner for the herb garden.  I have cilantro, curled parsley, sweet mint, and lavendar.  I think I need to pick up some basil and chives.

I am so excited to start planting flowers and vegetables.  It just makes me feel reborn and alive after hibernating through the cold, dark winter. 

A time of renewal.  A time of rebirth.  Are you ready for spring?