Kaitlynn and The Lizard

We had a lovely weekend cleaning up the backyard readying it for spring.  Kirby spent most of the time either watching us or playing.  We have two cats, one of which is Kirby's friend.  Kaitlyn and Kirby have a special relationship as far as dogs and cats go.  Some days they just sniff each other and walk on. Other days they play with Kirby chasing Kaitlynn who can easily outrun him, then sit high up looking down at him with such disdain until next time she teases him.

I happened to catch this particular interaction with my camera.

Kirby:  "Look Kaitlyn has something..."

Kirby: "Whatcha got?"

Kirby:  "Looks like a bug..."  

Kaitlynn:  "It's a lizard..."

Kirby:  "A real live lizard? um, what's a lizard?..."

Kaitlynn:  "This is a lizard..."

Kirby:  "Can I has it?..."

Kirby:  "Ok, I got it..."   (it's next to his paw)

Kirby:  "I really, really got it..."    (hanging from his mouth)

Kirby:  "It's wiggling! Rut row I don't got it"   (it's falling from his mouth)

Kirby snatched it back up in his mouth and took off running to another part of the yard.

Kaitlynn:  "That poor boy would never get anything good to eat if I didn't provide it..."

Kaitlynn let Kirby take the lizard almost as if it were a gift.  Then she stretched out on the ground and watched his antics as he took off running with it.  The gross part? I think Kirby ate the lizard. Kaitlynn would be so pleased.