Our Boy Fritz

Our current foster resident is Fritz, a pekenise mix.  He's been with us since December 17, 2011 when I received an email asking if I could take a little dog who had just been removed from his owner somewhere in South Mississippi.  He had been living with an elderly woman who had sorely neglected him.  I don't believe she was abusive just physically unable to properly care for him.  He had just been taken that morning and rushed to the vet school here in Starkville due to a ruptured eye.  Sadly the eye was too far gone to save.

I suppose losing an eye would be considered a handicap just don't tell Fritz because it hasn't slowed him down one bit. He is such a beautiful dog with a beautiful spirit.  He is thought to be somewhere between one and two years of age, house trained, and in the beginning very quiet.  The first few days he was with us he would only sit and watch us intently.  When eating his meals he would jump at the bowl to grab a bite and then jump back as he ate.  He didn't play with toys.  He seemed to be an old soul, watchful and waiting.

That was then.  By the next week he was a young, playful and vocal dog.  As is par for our fosters, Fritz followed Kirby everywhere, soon mimicking whatever he did.  This video shows how Kirby first taught Fritz to play an exuberant game of chase.  Actually this is what broke the ice, so to speak.  From then on Fritz romps and runs and tackles and plays and plays and plays.

I don't know if we have just been very fortunate but every foster we have had has been a joy and Fritz is no exception.  This delightful little guy is full of energy, spirit, and love.  He learns quickly and is quite vocal when he wants something or especially when I am late with his and Kirby's dinner.  He was a picky eater and underweight but now he eats the same variety of meals as Kirby with great gusto.  He does like a little beef broth poured on his kibble. He has filled out nicely and his soft coat has a lovely sheen to it.

He has adapted quite easily to our routine.  He has no fear of riding in the car and gets along with our cats.  He does have a bad habit of chasing the cats when they are outside but I'm afraid Kirby is to blame for that since he thinks it's his job to herd the cats in at night.  He has not shown any signs of being destructive.  Kirby has a lot of toys which Fritz is content to play with.  I keep my shoes put away just in case but he has never bothered with my slippers.  If he does something I don't like I can gently say no and he will stop.

The 'boys' as I refer to them love to play... with toys, with each other.  When I have to go to work they stay in one of my bedrooms which has become Kirby's room.  When I return home every toy has been pulled from the toybox.  In the evenings they pull every toy into the living room.  Fritz didn't care for the squeaky toys but now loves to squeak them almost as much as Kirby.

Kirby is always a bit quiet when a foster leaves.  When Fritz leaves I think Kirby will really miss him as they have become best buds.  Kirby is always ready for a good game of chase or tug but with Fritz I have seen him romp like never before.  If Fritz is running around in the yard then Kirby is watching him until the perfect moment he can tackle him and vice versa.  In the house they are generally side by side as they play and run around the house.  They even sleep near each other on the bed.  Generally where one is, the other is close by.

Kirby has done a very good job of changing a timid, unsure old soul into a playful, trusting pup again. Fritz leaves us this Saturday morning to head north to his adopting family.  It's going to be hard for Kirby and I to say goodbye as another piece of our hearts travels north.


on 2012-02-17 19:34 by Debby

Malachy the Peke just won the Westminister Kennel Club 's Best in Show but our boy Fritz is a star too! He was one of the special doggie guests chosen by the SPCA OF Westchester to appear on the New York Live pet segment.  


Kirby and I are soooo proud of our sweet, beautiful boy! Fritz you are pawsome!


on 2012-02-25 17:11 by Debby

Jake with his forever family!  He looks so happy!