A Caricature of The Kirbster

I was so excited when I got home from work to find a big box sitting in my carport!  I knew it was the caricature of Kirby we had won from the Twitter Party recently hosted by DogTipper and All Things Dog.

It was drawn by Missy Johnson, the artist behind

Dogs For The Paws

from this picture I sent her.  Kirby was three months old.

It was so cute I wanted to know more about her and her amazing national pet rescue awareness site.

Missy is a graphic designer and illustrator as well as the creative genius behind Dogs for the PAWS, a national pet rescue awareness site that is inspiring pet lovers to rescue, foster, adopt, volunteer and love pets in need. Dogs for the PAWS is an art and education project that started with 80 rescue dogs from all around the country. Missy paints the dogs' portraits and includes their touching stories of rescue and rehabilitation written by their companions and rescuers.

You can also check out her products on


and her new project,

Art and Dog Design

   Thank you so much Missy!  We love the Kirbster's caricature!!

Kirby Scores A Touchdown!