Kirby Scores A Touchdown!

On January 22, 2012 @DogTipper and @AllThingsDog hosted a twitter party with guest @DogsandLife all about taking great photos in preparation for the Super Dog Sunday Photo Contest. Since I had just purchased an amazing new camera, the Nikon 1J1, I knew I wanted to attend.

There were lots of tips which will help me become a better photographer.  Can there be too many pictures of Kirby? I think not!

There were also prizes being given away throughout the party. I really wanted the caricature which was won by @Shiloh777. What a beautiful collie! I would have liked to win any of the other prizes but I honestly forgot about them as I furiously tried to keep up with the conversations and tips. I saw different prizes being awarded throughout the party when all of a sudden I saw @KirbytheDorkie won the Grand Prize! Touchdown!

Here are some pictures of the Kirbster modeling with some of his prizes taken with my Nikon 1J1 (love this camera).


Thank you so very much to the sponsors Life + Dog MagazineDogs For The Paws (Art and Dog Design), Terra Paws TreatsSugar Chic Couture, and Arenus Botanical Blends. (Pictures of his amazing caricature and Kirby modeling his NFL jersey coming soon!)

Kirby, you are one lucky pup! I never win prizes I enter with my name. Maybe I need to start using Kirby’s name all the time. Just a thought.

Anyway, this was just the prelude to the Super Dog Sunday Photo Contest happening on February 5th during the Super Bowl Game which is also sponsored by DogTipper and All Things Dog to benefit PetFinder with even more fabulous prizes just waiting to be won.

Be sure to read all the details and sign up at either DogTipper or All Things Dog, grab your camera and start shooting some cute, creative photos of your pup(s). If you don’t own a dog right now then you can still get in on the action using a PetFinder photo of a dog waiting for a home. After all this is to benefit these animals so spotlight one – your picture just may be the tool that gets someone to adopt him or her!