The Kreativ Blogger Award

My goodness but this post is sooo long overdue!  Scrappy from Yorkie Tails dropped by way, way, way back on December 16, 2011 to give us this brand new award.  (I’m blushing, Kirby is wagging his tail).  It really is so nice to get recognition now and then, especially from fellow bloggers who get how much work is involved.  So thank you, thank you, thank you!


The rules are to tell 10 things you may not know about me and then paw it forward to 6 deserving bloggers.  Well, you know that song Bette Midler sang, “The wind Beneath My Wings”?  I am perfectly content to be the wind beneath Kirby’s wings so I’m going to share ten things you may not know about Kirby (although you should if you’ve been reading our posts!).

1.Kirby’s favorite game to play is chase, he being the one chased!  This is one of the first things he teaches a foster dog when they come to stay with us.

2.Kirby is very easy to train as far as tricks and rally are concerned.  He pays attention and gives his best until HE decides he is done.  At that point he will simply refuse to cooperate and no amount of coercion will change his mind.  How does he tell me?  He will begin jumping at my thighs or in a sitting position he will actually turn his back to me.

3.Kirby does not play fetch.  He will go get a toy by name but throw a ball or stick and he will run to it but won’t bring it back.  (Doug says Kirby thinks why would he want it if we don't want it.)  The only time that he fetched was at a doggie pool party.  We brought along a toy of his and kept throwing it into the pool.  Kirby was determined that it was his toy and no other dog could have it.  Whenever a dog did get his toy Kirby would swim or run to us barking at us as if to say, “Get it back!”.

4.Which brings me to his love of the water.  He has a kiddie pool in the backyard he jumps in all the time.  He loves to jump around in the sprinkler.  But when we go to the lake watch out!  He jumps right in, sometimes swimming, sometimes biting at the waves made by boats.  At the lake we keep him tied to a very long fabric tie-off since he has been know to take off swimming in the wrong direction and is extremely fast.  With the tie-off we can just pull him back to us.  He started learning to balance on a boogie board last summer and when we went to the doggie pool party he loved jumping right in from the edge.

5.He is a very light sleeper.  The slightest sound or movement awakens him and he immediately jumps up.  He also likes to sleep draped in the nook of my knee or hip so he knows if I should get up during the night.  I think he needs to know where I am at all times.

6.Kirby is so used to having his picture taken that he doesn't really mind at all.  Oftentimes he doesn't seem to notice.  When I want to pose him treats work splendidly.  He has learned that once we are done he gets to play a game so he looks forward to that attention time.

7.Kirby is very calm and laid back in his attitude.  Very little frightens him, and when something does, he then investigates to discover it was no big deal.  We started socializing him from day one so he is accustomed to loud noises and busy activities.  However, he still does not like seeing people riding a bicycle.  I think he thinks it just isn't right!

8.Kirby has his own way of communicating with us.  If his water bowl is empty I will see him jumping up at the kitchen sink.  If he wants to go outside he will come to me and make a sort of low growling mumbling kinda sound.  When I ask him what he wants, he will look toward the back door and then back at me.  I then ask if he wants outside to which he will then bark only once.

9.We call Kirby our Foster Therapy Dog.  Every dog so far has changed for the better just by being with him.  They pick up on his cues and behavior.  I have actually witnessed Kirby teaching a dog how to be a dog again learning it's ok to play and investigate.  He is my heart dog.

10.The dorkiest thing Kirby has done to date would still have to be the time he fell in the toilet which you can read all about in this Dorkie Moment #2 post.  So funny!


This is an award for creativity so Kirby and I are pawing it forward to…

1.Pretty Fluffy   Serena and Soda have one of the prettiest blogs I've ever seen, not to mention this blog is always upbeat with good advice and info just when I seem to need it.

2.Dexter's Ruff Life  Alana creates the most amazing videos with her dogs Dexter and Peppermint who are beyond cute.  These "Dextersodes" don't just make me smile, I belly laugh!

3.Kol's Notes   Jodi and Kol spend so much time cooking in the kitchen, and with their hilarious humor, I just keep going back for more inspiration.

4.Sugar the Golden Retriever   I met this golden beauty through the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop and fell in love with her gentle kindness who is the true essence of a southern lady even if she does live in Illinois.

5.DogTipper  This one is really a blog and a website.  It's one of my favorite go to sites with probably everything I could ever want to know.  Not to mention the giveaways are fabulous!

6.Yorkie Tails  I know we probably aren’t supposed to give the award back but I love this style of writing, the imagination, the heart.

Congratulations!  We love visiting your blogs and think each of you are more than deserving of this award!