Oh to Live the Luxurious Life of a Spoiled, Pampered Celebrity Pet

By Guest Writer, Wendy Thistle

How much is that doggie in the window? Celebrities don't bat an eye at the price of a pet. If they want it they will get it no matter the price. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Director Michael Bay and Kim Kardashian have been photographed everywhere with their animal accessories. It's no surprise they pamper their little pet counterparts to an endless, and almost disgusting, degree.


So, if you were a celebrity pet, what type of life would you live? Well, a life of $100 meals, traveling in private jets and expensive, jeweled collars of course.

Here's a look at some of the most spoiled pets and their celebrity owners:

Kim Kardashian's New White Fluff Ball

Mercy, Kim's new kitten, has been plastered all over Twitter and the Huffington Post. Yes, it's adorable, white and fluffy. But Mercy also has sad, sad blue eyes. Kim spoils this kitten rotten, but for some reason Mercy looks like she's traumatized all the time in all the posted pics. Mercy and her sad eyes have become so popular, a parody Twitter account has been made from the perspective of Mercy. One Tweet reads, "Someone, anyone, help me. I'm not an accessory." One of the perks of being a celebrity pet? Maybe...

Michael Bay and His English Mastiffs Mason (RIP) and Bonecrusher

Michael Bay has a love for very large dogs: English mastiffs. One of them, Mason, (who has passed away) you would recognize from the film "Transformers." Yes, the legendary Bay put his own dog in the film! Wouldn't you, if you could? Ahh, to live the life of a celebrity dog. His other mastiff Bonecrusher is named after a giant robot from the film as well.

Paris Hilton Has a Slew of Ravishing Pets

Coining the phrase "that's hot," pet lover heiress Paris Hilton has walked down the red carpet with more pets than anyone before her. Her Chihuahua Tinkerbell was seen with her everywhere, attending red carpet events and even "authored" a memoir, "The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries." until the dog went missing after Paris' home was burglarized. Tinkerbell was found days later, but was rumored to be a different dog completely. Paris also owns a pig, at least six dogs, a cat, a sugar glider, a parrot, a bunny, rats...must I go on? She has a ton of pets.

Ryan Gosling Loves His Pal George

Ryan Gosling makes all the ladies swoon with his charming looks and heart-wrenching roles in "Crazy, Stupid Love" and "The Notebook." In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, he brought his four-legged friend George along, who is a handsome looking dog. George must be having the time of his life, being on television and getting interviewed by curious people.

Kristen Stewart, Wolf Lover?

Forever associated with "Twilight," Kristen Stewart played Bella Swan who fell in love with a vampire, and is best friends with a wolf, but it seems she loves wolves in her personal life. Her mother raises wolf-dog hybrids and Kristen has been surrounded by them her whole life, saying the hybrids are really sweet and caring dogs.

About the Author: Wendy's love affair with film and fantasy started when her mother went into labor during the Disney version of Peter Pan (hence her name, Wendy). She writes film reviews about everything from the stars to the fabulous homes they live in, and she loves every minute of it.