Little Man Odie

Our current foster dog is little man Odie.  This sweet ten to eleven month old pup has so enriched our lives from the moment he walked into my arms on September 24, 2012.


His Story: A vet student happened to be at her local shelter when she saw a truck pull up and a man get out. He walked to the back of the truck, pulled on some gloves, and reaching into the back pulled out a small, black pup he then carried through the shelter door.  This girl was so taken with the little dog that she followed them inside and told one of the workers to call her if they couldn't find a home for him. A week later she received that phone call with information that he was going to be put down because he had mange.  She picked him up and took him home to begin the needed skin treatments. He had begun his second chance when life took over and she found she couldn't keep him any longer due to her school and work schedules. 


The rest of the story: About a month later Odie, along with his "chicken", came to our house. He and Kirby got along from the beginning. His hair has grown back thicker and softer. There are times I so want to keep him but I hold to my promise that we would help one dog at a time.  There's someone waiting for him to become part of their family and there's a dog that will soon need our help.


So what does Odie's forever family need to know...

His Personality is over the top! He loves to play with me, with Kirby, and by himself.  I think his favorite game is bringing every toy into the living room. He caqn entertain himself tossing a tennis ball about the room and then there is his beloved chicken.  Odie carries it with him from room to room.  Poor Kirby has never had the chance to play with the chicken which is always under Odie's watchful eye! With all that energy he still loves to cuddle.  When he's ready for a nap he snuggles close to either me or Kirby usually draped over one of us. At night he always burrows under the covers with some part of his body up against mine.  


He easily adapted to a schedule. First thing in the morning we go outside to take care of business.  Then he has a small breakfast of kibble.  On the days I have to go to work, Odie and Kirby must stay in Kirby's playroom. Odie, being so young, stays in a large kennel filled with a bed and several toys. On those mornings I give him his kibble in an interactive toy which he immediately goes to work on. When I return home he and Kirby run outside, taking care of business and then romping around the yard.


Supper is served around 6 which has his full attention. Somehow he just knows. Bedtime involves a treat and short playtime before snuggling down for the night.  It's getting cold now so I've begun using my electric blanket. Odie, having a short coat, likes to burrow under the covers.  

He is a very smart boy! When he gets excited, Odie will jump in the air making circles but has learned a few commands.  He can sit on command.  Kirby has to get in a down position before each meal so Odie can also do this in his own way. He sits then slowly slides into a down with his whole body quivering in anticipation.  Wait is not his friend! 


There isn't anything he doesn't like - any toy - ✓, games - ✓, cats - ✓, kids - ✓, riding in the car - ✓, well, maybe not baths so much. He's a cuddler. He will bark if he hears something but not excessively. He has shown no sign of aggression although the few times he tangled with my older cat, Chelsea, he didn't back down. Neither has ever hurt the other but Kirby was seen quickly scrambling out of their way.  Overall, he has quite an agreeable attitude.

I have two pet peeves, both which can be overcome. He'll chew up anything, magazines, books, but with proper supervision, toys, and chews, Odie will learn.  The other would be his house training skills.  From the time he came to us he never had any inside accidents.  He stayed with another foster while we went on vacation. Five days later we picked him up on our way home.  Over the next few days he had many accidents which I'm attributing to separation anxieties.  He's back on track again but I think this issue will show up again as he goes through the adoption process.  Once Odie is adopted and settled in his final home all should be well.

Odie will make someone a wonderful companion.  We will miss him so much as he takes a piece of our hearts with him on his journey to his forever family. 


on 2013-02-09 18:35 by Debby

I am so happy to say Odie was officially adopted on December 21, 2012 just in time to celebrate his first Christmas with his forever family! His new name is Dobby which really does suit Him.  He is happily residing in White Plains, New York.

Here he is in his new home...