Kirby Barks to Santa

I'm writing my letter to Santa Claus to be sure he knows I have been a good boy the whole year.  Mama made me write it three times cos the first time I told him the things I didn't want him to bring me, like I don't want no boots.  The second time I asked him how come he never has to get a haircut and iffen he was so big cos he eats too many treats. 


I didn't really need these glasses cos I can see very good but mama thought they would make the picture more interesting. Do they?


When I got done we walked to the mailbox to mail it so he will come to my house on Christmas Eve while I'm sleeping.  That's the only time he comes in the story she read to me so I'm gonna just pretend I don't hear him even though I will hear him cos I'm a dog and I hear everything. 

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you are all on his nice list! 

Keep Being Good