Pioneer Pet Ceramic Big Max Fountain

My passion is creating pet treats and meals using healthy ingredients.  As a pet parent my job is to make sure Kirby is a healthy, happy dog. We all know a dog's basic needs are food, shelter, and water.

The most basic and vital need for a dog is water. An animal can loose all of its fat and half of its protein and survive, but only a 10% loss of body water causes serious illness so it's important to provide your dog virtually unlimited access to clean, fresh water. The only exception is limiting a few hours before bedtime when house training.

We know to keep their water bowls clean and free of debris. After all if you wouldn't drink the water from your dog’s bowl then neither should your dog. Another important consideration is that stagnant water can lead to disease.

Kirby has always had access to a bowl of fresh water in the kitchen which he shares with his two cat sisters.  I have to admit there are times he has had to let me know it was empty.  Lucky for him those days are over.


Kirby now thinks he is a very spoiled important dog since we began using this water fountain from My Favorite Pet Shop a few months ago.  For the life of me I don't know why I never got one sooner. This heavy duty ceramic fountain comes with two large ceramic pieces that fit together.  The motor and filter fit in one casing that suctions to the bottom piece. So easy!

Fountain Collage.png

It sits on a rug in his playroom so it's easily accessable at any time of the day or night.  It's also extremely quiet, so quiet I can't hear it until the water level gets low which is a great reminder to add more water.  It's heavy so rather than move it I just use a pitcher to pour more water in.  

The fountain has a filter and continuously aerates the water keeping it cleaner, cooler, and better tasting.  One filter will last roughly three months which is reasonable since a replacement three pack is less than ten dollars. I clean it on the weekends which is a snap in my kitchen sink even though it's dishwasher safe.  

The pump forces the water to bubble out the top where it gently falls down the front like a waterfall into a pool in the larger container.  I've seen Kirby drink from the large well and from the waterfall.  The cats seem to like the bubbling water in the smaller top basin.  I still keep water available in the kitchen but I've noticed they all drink from the fountain more than the kitchen water bowl.


I was afraid it might be too large but turns out it's the perfect size for Kirby, both cats, and when we have a foster in the house.  I also like that it's made from ceramic rather than plastic making it much easier to keep clean and I don't have to worry about chemicals leaching into the water.

I strongly suggest pet parents consider using a pet fountain for better hydration and cleanliness. Water is the basis for life so we need to provide them water of the highest quality. 

Disclaimer: We received this pet fountain from My Favorite Pet Shop in exchange for a review we did of their online store.  Our opinion is our own and we do recommend both My Favorite Pet Shop and this fountain.