The Culinary Canine Cuisine Chef

Kirby, being the discerning culinary Canine Cuisine Chef, loves to whip up tasty, healthy meals and treats in the kitchen.  He knows what he likes, and doesn't like, as he puts that amazing doggie nose to work sniffing out delectable tastes and aromas.


A pinch of this, a cup of that until it's just right.  Of course he relies on his beloved sidekick, his newly painted orange Kitchenaid mixer, to easily whip his food choices into shape.


He knows and appreciates that it saves his paws from having to mix his batter with a spoon over and over and over again.


He especially likes using his collection of cookie cutters for that perfect cookie but says sometimes a drop cookie is just so easy.


And when he needs to chop some ingredients for a good stew or needs more oats ground into flour for some tasty treats, he turns to his Cuisinart food processor to get the job done.

Canine Chef Kirby

Of course some of his world famous meals require a little cooking on the stove but Kirby knows slow cooking releases and melds together all those savory flavors.


Even as he oftentimes finds the delectable aromas can make waiting such a difficult thing to have to do.


Kirby has learned quite a bit in his three young years in order to create such fine five paw cuisine for his canine furiends.  So be sure to check out his recipes located in The Canine Chef's Cookbook, the online cookbook for discerning doggers everywhere.


Blooper Shots:

From this angle Kirby looks like he could fit in the mixing bowl and looks a little concerned about that prospect.

This shot is better but Kirby still looked a little worried.


Not really sure what this expression was all about but he was definitely trying to convey something.


This was such a cute idea but I had to help him since the mixer is rather tall. Trying to hold him with one hand so he wouldn't fall and working the camera with the other hand resulted in a blurry shot.


There you have it. The inside scoop on this little chef's culinary talents in the kitchen. So grab a recipe, some wholesome ingredients, and whip up a delightful dish of goodness for your canine companions. They'll love you even more!  Bone appetit!