Once Upon A Time

Have you seen Once Upon A Time?  The characters, the story lines, the imagination, I LOVE IT! 


I was putting out my fall decor a few weekends ago.  I have a tray on my dining table which was holding three fake apples that I was replacing with pumpkins when I thought why not do our very own little mini version.  Yes, I know it's lame but it was so much fun!

ONCE UPON A TIME in a land far, far away lived a handsome young prince with a good heart.  Because of his gentleness the Prince had many friends among the animals that lived in his woods.  Every day he and his sidekick, Odie, would patrol the vast lands of his father's kingdom visiting with these friends as they searched for an adventure or two.  


One day Prince Kirby noticed something very different far in the distance.  His keen eyes told him it was something bright and shiny and red.


Upon closer investigation he discovered three red apples, a rarity in his land.  They smelled so sweet and he just knew they would be quite tasty.  He easily gathered them up as he droolingly thought about what he would do with them.


As the Prince sat there considering the wonderful bounty he had discovered, his sidekick Odie knew something was very wrong as he tried to warn the prince to leave them alone. Seeing the look in the young Prince's eyes however, Odie's heart sank knowing he was waging a losing battle.


Suddenly from out of nowhere a very beautiful and mysterious woman appeared who began to tell the Prince how wonderfully delicious the red apples would taste if he only took one bite.


The temptation finally became too much for the young Prince to bear.  He knew Odie was trying to warn him but what could just one bite hurt?  How could something so beautiful be evil? Hungrily the Prince bit into the apple expecting such a sweet taste.  

Suddenly the very air around him changed with the light nearly blinding the young frightened Prince. 


At the very moment he savored that one bite, he began to feel his body becoming more tired than he had ever known.  "How strange", he thought as he fell helplessly to the ground, the lovely red apple now forgotten.


"What have I done", muttered the Prince as he watched the beautiful and mysterious woman disappear as quickly as she had appeared.  With eyes too heavy to stay open, the sweet Prince slept.

Odie, seeing the Prince fall into a deep sleep, began to run as fast as his little legs could carry him to find the one who could save his beloved young Prince from this terrible curse - the Red Fairy!


 The Red Fairy is rarely seen for she lives deep in the woods and can only hear the cries for help from those with pure hearts.  Hearing Odie's urgent barks about the Prince she quickly rushed to his side.  

Summoning all of her white magic the Red Fairy was able to break the curse and save the young Prince who gratefully vowed to never, ever taste another thing no matter how delicious it seemed unless his mama, the Queen, said it was ok.

Odie, happy to have his friend again, was still heard to say, "Prince Kirby, I told you so!"


Their frightening adventure over, the two were content to play and frolick ever careful to stay close to home under the watchful eye of the Queen.