Jacks By Scottie Inspired

A little over nine years ago my dad and step-mom brought home a delightful bundle of joy they named Jacks.  He was the cutest, sweetest Bichon Frise who loved to play and dearly loved the aromas and taste of good food.  Several years later they would add Izzie, another bichon frise and true prima donna, to the pack.  When we lost Dad three years ago, these two beautiful creatures became therapy dogs of a sort as they helped my step-mom move forward.

Izzie has always been healthy while Jacks struggled with ailments from the beginning - skin allergies at 6 months old requiring daily doses of prednisone for relief, thyroid problems, Cushings Disease the last five years, and finally diabetes which caused blindness his last five months. There were times she thought she would lose him but he rebounded.  Then came the day she had to make the heartbreaking decision to say goodby to her beloved Jacks whose days and nights had become filled with constant pain. His veterinarian came to their home so he could leave in familiar surroundings.

She had his body cremated with plans to spread his ashes over my dad's grave in the near future.  It seems fitting and I can envision them together laughing and playing with all their earthly pains and ailments long forgotten.

I had shed quite a few tears when I remembered this Page which had friended Kirby on Facebook and immediately knew what I wanted to do.  A picture most definitely speaks a thousand words so I asked my step mom to email me her favorite picture of Jacks. I then contacted Ian McDonald, the Scottish artist behind Scottie Inspired who paints custom portraits digitally using a tablet and pen with beautiful, vivid colors.

The final work of art I received took my breath away. He had taken a regular, albeit good, picture and turned it into something remarkable - adorable Jacks smiling and happy. 


from this picture


The process was so easy! I placed my order on November 6th.  Over the following week he sent me messages with the picture attached.  I requested a few changes - mute the background a little more and make his nose darker.  Each time he complied until I was 100% happy with the final product.

Then he sent me the zip files we can upload to a printer offering wrapped canvases: 4 images (8x10", 11x14", 12x16", 16x20") specially expanded and resized for printing onto stretched canvas ie including extra painted borders to provide wraparound for a 'gallery wrapped' canvas and 4 images (8x10", 11x14", 12x16", 16x20") cropped & formatted to standard 'photographic' print sizes for hassle-free printing and reprinting whenever she want. 

Now you're probably thinking, "Wow, that's beautiful but I could never afford such an incredible work of art!".  Yes, you can because the cost is only $40.00  I'm already narrowing down the picture of Kirby I want transformed into a treasured masterpiece.

This artist could charge $$$$ for these amazing portraits but chooses to keep it affordable for those of us in the real world living on a budget. THANK YOU IAN!  Besides dogs and various animals, he also does family portraits. (I'm going to have one done of my granddaughter and soon to be born grandson as a gift for my son and daughter-in-law).

You can contact Ian through his Scottie Inspired Etsy store or his Facebook Page, Pet Portraits & Dog Art by Iain.

Disclosure: I purchased this portrait and received the artist's permission to post it in this review.