Kirby Barks About Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

Arrrggg! October is most over an mama just reminded me it was Adopt A Shelter Dog month! Mama bought me from a breeder cos she really wanted a Dorkie so I never hads to stay in a shelter an I has a really good life.  I has never known what it like to be hungry cos I eats good food on a regular basis and I gets treats an chews all the time.  She say I a chunky boy! I never gets bored cos I has lots of toys, even those new interactive toys that I has to figures out.  I rides in my very own comfy car seat ever time we goes places which I really likes to do.  We has lots of doggie beds I can sleep on iffen I wants to even tho at night I always sleeps in mama's bed.  I has my own playroom I stays in when mama has to go to work an I has a big fenced backyard to run around in when she home. I never gets scared cos I knows I is always safe.  Iffen I is cold mama puts a sweater on me.  Iffen I gets hot mama takes care of that too.

I used to thinks this was how ever dog lived until we started lettin foster dogs live with us.  The stories they has told me is sad an scary.

Odie is my foster brother living with us right now an he said I coulds share his story iffen it might help another shelter dog...

Oh Kirby it was scary cos I just a puppy an I dint understand why nobody wanted me no more.  I gots this stuff on my skin they said was mange an my hair started fallin out.  I tried so hard to be a good boy but the family that had me dint want me no more on account I looked yucky so they took me to a shelter.  It was scary there cos they puts me in a cage and all these other dogs was tellin me that mebbe no one would ever want me an I would has to die.  I dint really know what that meant cept somehow I knew it wasnt a good thing. The peoples at the shelter was very nice to me but they dint has the money to spend to helps me. I was there for a few weeks when one day all the dogs gots real quiet an wouldnt hardly talks to me but I heards them sayin somethin about today bein my day.  I was shakin real bad cos I just knew somethin bad was gonna happen.  

Then all a sudden this girl saved me an took me to her house.  She said she was from Homeward Bound an she started puttin this really smelly stuff on me that started makin my skin stop itchin.  Then I comes to your house an everthing is different! I has food an treats everday an we has so many toys to play with an I even gets to sleep withs you an your mama.  I stopped bein scared when you tolds me I was always gonna be safe cos I is a Homeward Bound pup. The itchin stopped an my hair is all growin back so now I is a very handsome dog an I gets so excited ever time your mama tells me I gonna have a forever family very soon that will loves me an makes sure I is always happy.

Me an Odie_01.JPG

I loves Odie very much cos he is a silly happy good boy an it makes me very sad that he almost went over the Rainbow Bridge before he was supposed to just cos he was in a shelter. 

I is against buyin a dog from a store cos that supports puppy mills which is very bad places but I dont sees nothin wrong with buyin a dog from a breeder iffen you wants a certain kinda dog that you hasnt been able to finds at the shelters or rescues but I thinks you coulds adopts a shelter dog iffen you wants a good dog that needs you as much as you needs them. I also knows some peoples cants adopt a dog cos of diffrent reasons so maybe you could foster a dog cos that would still save a dog by makin more space.  An even just helpin at a shelter by playin an walkin dogs can helps save some cos sometimes there just too many dogs to takes care of. Mebbe even buyin a extra bag of food to drop off at a shelter can helps cos they donts has enuf money to feeds all the dogs.

An dont forgets you cans adopt any day of the year cos there is always a dog waitin for a good home!