Kirby Barks For Barkday Presents!

Today I is three years old!!

 It's my Barkday and I'll bark if I want to  
 You'll bark too when it happens to you!  

My mama decided she needed a new puppy so she looked until she found me. She picked me out when I was only three weeks old and then when I was six weeks old she brought me home to lives with her forever.

I gots such a good life with a mama who loves me so much.  I has a warm bed to sleep in ever night (I does share it with my mama) and I has a wonderful fenced in backyard to play in ever day.  I has lots of fun toys that squeak and is cuddly and even ones that makes me hafta think to get treats outa them.  I has good food to eat ever day and home made yummy treats mama bakes just for me and my furiends.  I has warm shirts and coats and, ugh, silly jammies to wear when its cold and I gets to go swimmin when its hot.  I has foster furiends that stays with me so I gets to has play dates all the time.  I even has my very own car seat and harness so I gets to go to lots of fun places.

But I still wants some presents for my barkday!  Please, please won't you get these presents for me?  You could just get me one or two or even all of em.  I woulds be so happy my tail would never stop waggin!!
  • Drop off some toys, blankets, food or treats at your local shelter or rescue.
  • Spend time playing with or walking an anipal at your local shelter.
  • Foster an anipal who needs someone to lend them a helpin paw.
  • Volunteer to transport anipals to their new furever homes.
  • Adopt an anipal from your local shelter or rescue.
  • Volunteer to help out at adoption events.
I is a very lucky dog who not afraid of nothin cos I know I is gonna be loved and safe for my whole life.  But there is so many scared, lonely anipals just waitin and hopin somebody will find them and take them home to their furever homes.  So iffen you loves me and wants to get me some presents for my barkday just wrap up one of these pressies I is askin for in warm hugs with ribbons of love!