Puppy It's Cold Outside

January 2012 in Mississippi is cold and wet.  I suppose it could be worse.  There could be snow which I love in a photograph, a Christmas card, even in a movie or song.  Otherwise, not so much.  I'm just a summer girl at heart, and yes, I know those of you living further north are shaking your heads thinking I have no clue what a real winter is!  The truth is I would have to hibernate like a bear until the blizzards were replaced by lovely daffodils poking their sunny heads through the ground.

We adore Dexter who seems to have the same sentiment as I when it comes to that beautiful white stuff covering the ground.  So fresh... so untouched... so cold...

Kirby, on the other hand, loves the snow however brief it may be.  The few times we have had snow I could only force him to stay inside just long enough to remove the balls of ice attached to his fur and thaw out his poor little paws. (I don't know why he refuses to wear his boots!) Otherwise he spent every minute whimpering, ringing the bells, and scratching the door to be let outside.

I think I'll just stay inside where it's toasty warm.  Maybe sit near the fireplace and sip some hot chocolate. And if it snows this year? Now that we have a fenced backyard I can watch Kirby through the window.

How many months until spring is here?