Kirby Barks His New Year Resolutions

I is supposed to make some New Year's Resolutions but I not sure what that is?  Mama says it means I gotta find things I can do better or things I don't do that I should do or things I do that I shouldn't do.  So here is my list...

1. I won't complain about the doggie clothes mama puts on me.  I doesn't mind some of the shirts I wears cos I does gets cold.  But those jammies are just strange and I is still not wearing them boots!  Well mebbe I might complain just a little tiny bit.

2. I will lose some of this extra poundage I has but then mama can't call me her chunky monkey which she seems to like to say.  I does gots a chubby belly but its only cos she feeds me some really good food and she make some yummy treats.  Heck, iffen I don't likes them then she throws them away and makes more so how am I supposed to lose a few pounds iffen she keeps tryin until I loves them.  I mean the point is for her to make treats that is Kirby approved and iffen they is Kirby approved that means I ate them.  It's a vicious cycle!

3. I will share my toys and treats with my foster furiends but I already does that.  What's mine is theirs cos really I likes to play with doggers anyways except I did has one foster who chewed up most all of my toys.  Mama had to hide my favorites cos she could tell I was really gettin upset with that dogger even iffen I did loves her cos she was gettin all the squeakers outta my toys and what fun is a toy that don't squeak!

4.  I will pick up my toys from all over the house iffen mama will teach me how to do it.  So I guess I will learn more tricks which is really lots of fun and I gets lots of treats which kinda ruins my number 2 resolution.

I don't have any more resolutions that I can think of except maybe to love mama even more this year by being her little buddy and makin her smile and laugh when I does silly stuff.  Does you know I fell in the toilet one time?  I was embarrased but it sure made mama laugh!  So I reckon my resolutions is really the same old ones...

I will be so very happy to see you come home every time no matter iffen you been gone 20 minutes or all day.
I will cuddle close to you when I can tell you is sad and lonely.
I will NEVER chew any of your pretty shoes.
I will sleep in your bed with you so you don't get scared.
I will let you sleep until almost 8:30 on the weekends.
I will welcome each new foster with a toy and a game.
and yes, I will pose for these pictures you likes to take ALL THE TIME.

After all I really is mama's boy!  I can tells 2012 is gonna be another great year!

Glory to God in highest heaven,
Who unto man His Son hath given,
While angels sing with tender mirth,
A glad new year to all the earth.