Dorkie Moment #4

Kirby is very much a lover.  He loves everyone often times showing great empathy towards others whether human or animal.  Except bugs.  I have to be honest and inform you that he very much enjoys eating bugs, favorites being locusts and grasshoppers.  I suppose he just doesn't see them as warm, fuzzy little creatures.  To him they are part of the food chain.

Which brings me to Kirby's recent tale of heroism.  This past Saturday night we were in the living room watching a movie when Kirby wanted to go outside.  Normally he will come to one of us, bark, and wait for our response.  This time he was literally having a fit to go outside.  We're talking barking, whining, running back and forth from us to the back door.  I couldn't get him hooked up to his tie off and open the back door quick enough for him.

He ran out and stopped half way across the deck.  It was then I could hear what Kirby must have heard from inside.  I can only describe it as a loud, horrible screaming.  Suddenly Kirby took off at a run easily jumping off the end of the deck into the darkness.  I could hear him barking with such an intensity and then I saw both of my cats running toward the deck and into the house.  I could barely see Kirby's outline near the back of the yard.  He had stopped barking but refused to come when I called him.  I ran back inside to grab my flashlight and then back out to investigate.

Using the flashlight I could see him sniffing something on the ground.  Upon closer inspection I discovered Kirby had saved a baby bunny.

As I mentioned, I have two cats.  Chelsea is a hunter - she regularly leaves us mice, moles, and bunnies by the back door.  So far Kaitlyn has only brought us crickets.  I think this poor baby bunny was her failed attempt at securing us dinner.  By now it was laying on its' side making a soft moaning sound as Kirby also whimpered.  I saw it was injured, several bites evidenced by blood, so I gently scooped it up and carried it into the house with Kirby following.  I had no idea what to do so I placed it on a washcloth in a box inside Kirby's kennel.  I latched the kennel door, shut the door to the room, and said a little prayer.

In the morning the little bunny I expected to be dead was sitting up against a corner of the box.  I removed it from the box, placed it on the cushy dog mat, placed a plastic lid filled with water next to it. and secured the kennel door.  Using Kirby's Facebook Page I relayed the events.  After several conversations and googling online information concerning wild bunnies I discovered I needed avoid human contact with it and let it go as quickly as possible.

That evening around dusk Kirby and I carried the bunny to a woody area a good distance from my home and cats.  We settled the bunny in a dense wooded area under some low shrubbery.  It was touching to watch Kirby again sniff it and turn to leave as if he knew what needed to be done.  Some animals seem to have an empathy for other animals so it warmed my heart to see Kirby display this unexpected kindness.

I'll never know if that little bunny survived but Kirby and I like to think it did.

Just a dorky moment in a Dorkie’s life...