The Miracle Dog's Saga Continues

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve which can leave me open to heartache.  As I began this journey with Kirby I have learned so much that has opened my eyes.  Yes I know there are evil people in this world who abuse and murder animals.  But I also know that there are good people who step in time and again to save these suffering animals, to right the wrongs that have been done.

Today I had to take a step back and say "what the hell?"  You see, one day I heard the story of a young dog found horribly emaciated and near death.  I can't imagine what was going through his owner's head when she left him outside on her balcony for days on end without food or shelter from the cold.  I can't comprehend why she stuffed him in a garbage bag and shoved him down a 22 floor chute into a waiting garbage bin. I don't understand how she went about her life while this dog slowly, excruciatingly starved, his body slowly dying.  A cute little puppy she grew bored with? An untrained puppy she never had time to train?  Tears have fallen just imagining the fear and loneliness this dog suffered as he waited for her to come save him.  Yes, I say save him because from everything I have learned of his demeanor this dog has such love and forgiveness in his heart that I don't think he ever conceived that she didn't love him.  It was all a terrible mistake she would soon rectify.

This dog who has made such a miraculous recovery is Patrick, a one year old Pitt bull mix.  The miracle dog.  I've read the ongoing stories.  I've seen the pictures as he recovered over a long period of time.  I've witnessed the gentle love this dog has shown his rescuers, the veterinarians and employees who patiently fed him by hand, gently held him close, and bonded with him through simple everyday tasks so many would take for granted.

Kirby has never known a day of hunger. He has always had a warm bed, toys to play with, treats to enjoy, adventures to satisfy his curiosity.  He has never been mistreated in any way and so he easily loves everyone and everything.  There have been times I have yelled at him out of frustration but those are far and few in between.  He is such a happy loving dog because that is the atmosphere he knows.  Patrick, on the hand, started out experiencing pain and fear yet he hasn't shown any aggression or anger toward humans. He has become a symbol for everything the human race should be.

Patrick has shown such an abundance of love.  There's a saying "To err is human, to forgive is canine".  This could be Patrick's motto.  Every dog deserves a loving home where he can flourish.  So especially does Patrick.  Through his slow but determined recovery he bonded with one of the nurses who has been there for him since the day he was rescued.  This nurse wants to adopt him as her own.  A happy ending for such a deplorable beginning.

                                                                            Mel Evans  /  AP
Not quite yet.  Sadly, AHS considers Patrick trademark registration number 23699 to be a very valuable brand for commercial exploitation and fundraising. They have filed another appeal for full custody with the hopes of letting him reside in their Popcorn Park where people can visit him and donate money for them him. Good overcame evil but is now threatened by greed. Greed at the expense of one little survivor who wants nothing more than to be loved and safe. Patrick wants to have his own bed in his own home surrounded by toys and good food. Oh yea, he also wants to belong to someone he can love who will love him right back. This extraordinary dog simply wants to be someones ordinary family pet.

As I write this I am becoming so angry with these self described do-gooders who do such harm. I can only pray this judge looks into Patrick's eyes and sees what the only humane choice for Patrick must be. God speed Patrick.

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