My Meerkat Does The Paw

One of our favorite things to do is what we call Time For Kirby Tricks. He thinks it's a game. I just think it's fun. My favorite is when he does "beg" or "up" which we call "Be A Meerkat" Yes, I was very much into that tv show when he was a puppy so that's the term he learned.

While being a Meerkat he has to wait until I say OK to take his treat. He has gotten very good at this. I can now hold the treat right under his nose and he won't touch it. I get tickled because sometimes he will turn his head away as if to say I really don't want it. During this waiting period he is learning to say "Please" with his paws.

His most recent trick he has learned is "Paw". He can give me either paw depending on which hand I hold out to him. This one has been fun because sometimes when I hold out my hand I can see his brain working as he decides if he really wants to do it. He will look at me, look at my hand, look at me again, and finally give his paw realizing I can out wait him.

I always use a clicker in the beginning to mark the correct response. Once he has the hang of it I just use the words. I also throw in some of the tricks he already knows so he feels successful. His incentive? Treats!

I know these are simple dog tricks but Kirby is only two years old. Just imagine what he will be able to do by the time he's five years old!

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