Kirby's Summer Camp Weekend

Kirby went to 'Summer Camp' this past weekend.  Actually he stayed at the PetSmart PetsHotel from Friday through Sunday.  That could be considered doggie summer camp right?  Anyway my post about his visit isn't quite ready so here's a little peek into his weekend.

He's been there before to attend Doggie Day Care.  He held his ears back, a sure sign of trepidation, but he went right through the store's front door leading the way straight to the hotel lobby so I think he was excited. 

I couldn't let Kirby see me for fear he would get upset so one of the employees graciously took these pictures for me.  These are looking into the front playroom through the large glass window and side door.






Kirby had a great time and slept for almost two days when he got home.  A very happy little dogger!