Kirby's Taking A Break

We will be on a short hiatus beginning today through Monday.  My beautiful daughter is getting married to an amazing young man on Saturday so I have decided to leave my laptop at home so I can fully immerse myself in this wonderful event.  The wedding will be in Monroe, Louisiana at a beautiful catholic church with a reception following immediately after at the Country Club.

Kirby will be staying at the PetSmart PetHotel in Jackson from Friday through Sunday.  He has been to their Doggie Day Camp a few times so I was very pleased when I called to make his reservation because the woman on the phone knew exactly who he was, even mentioning some of his personality traits.  He must have made a good impression to be that well remembered.

I am hoping a Yorkie by the name of Coco, a regular camper, will also be there.  Kirby made friends with Coco on his first visit.  Coco was there again on Kirby's second visit and they hung out together.  I was told on the last visit they had five yorkies, including Coco and Kirby, who stuck together in the playroom.  They were like a little gang who played together and moved around the room as a pack.  I found this very interesting since Kirby prefers to play with the big dogs at the dog park but in unfamiliar surroundings he chose to stick with his own kind so to speak. 

I admit I am a little nervous about this.  Yes, he has been to Doggie Day Camp a few times and did remarkably well.  However, other than with Doug, there has only been one time I left him with someone overnight.  That time he was still a puppy and stayed with a young girl we knew for the weekend.  She took him to the nursing home her mom worked at where many elderly people took turns holding him and playing with him.  She said when they went to bed she decided to let him sleep on her bed because he was crying.  He crawled up next to her neck and snuggled there the entire night. He really is such a lovable little guy.

This visit will mean Kirby has to sleep in a kennel by himself two nights so I do worry that could cause him to develop some abandonment issues.  Hopefully he will be busy enough during the day with two play periods with other dogs and scheduled walks.  I plan to pack his favorite food, treats, and toys.  For him learning tricks are a fun game so I have also signed him up for two training sessions - he will learn 'take a bow' and 'shake', the only tricks on the list he didn't know.

I also made him a brand new special treat yesterday so watch for it on our Tasty Tuesday post.  My pantry was nearly empty so I was afraid it would be a disaster but he loved them!!  Hint: What is Chicken of the Sea?

We'll be back next week with lots of wedding pictures, a new recipe, and stories of Kirby's stay at the PetHotel.  Don't forget to enter Kirby's Blogiversary Giveaway for your chance to win a Petmate Pet Fountain.

Wags and Kisses,
Kirby and Debby