10 Symptoms that Warrant an Emergency Trip to the Vet

By Contributing Writer, VetDepot 

As many pet owners know, pets don’t always get sick or injured during the hours your regular vet’s office is open. Accidents, adverse reactions to pet medications and other unforeseen medical issues can happen at any time. Sometimes, owners are faced with deciding whether a pet’s symptoms warrant a trip to a 24-hour emergency clinic or if treatment can wait until morning. Below is a list of symptoms that require immediate veterinary attention:
  1. Your pet is experiencing difficulty breathing
  2. Your pet appears to be in severe pain.
  3. Your pet is vomiting profusely- especially if water can’t be kept down, there is blood present in the vomit or the animal is severely depressed.
  4. There is evidence of gastric dilation and volvulus- more commonly known as “bloat”. If you own a large breed dog that has had repeated failed attempts at vomiting accompanied by an enlarged abdomen, immediately get your pet to a veterinarian. Bloat is a life-threatening condition.
  5. Your pet is experiencing profuse, watery diarrhea. This is especially alarming in puppies.
  6. There is a large amount of blood in your pet’s stool.
  7. Your pet is experiencing extreme weakness, unsteadiness when standing or walking or is collapsing.
  8. Your pet experienced a seizure for the first time. If your pet has had seizures in the past, follow your vet’s directions. Even if seizures are a reoccurring thing for your pet, always contact a veterinarian if an episode seems especially severe.  
  9. You observe that your pet is acting severely depressed or there is a lack of response when talked to or touched.
  10. Your pet is bleeding enough that there is a trail of drops when moving or the blood pools when the animal is resting.  
If you are ever unsure about your pet’s condition, it’s always better to err on the safe side and contact a veterinarian.

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