Dog Pyramid Interactive Toy

Kirby loves to play!  He also loves a challenge and this toy was no exception.

The Dog Pyramid, an interactive toy from Nina Ottosson, is made

of durable non-toxic plastic and is dishwasher safe on the top rack.  This toy is shaped like a beehive with a

weighted bottom which is what makes it so much fun.  All you have to do is place small treats or

kibble in the hole near the top of the toy and then watch as your dog enjoys

the challenge of getting the treats out by moving and knocking the toy around.  The fun part is that every time the dog

pushes the Pyramid over it rights itself back up. 

The Dog Pyramid comes in blue, red, or pink and two sizes, medium and large.  This toy can be purchased online anywhere from

$10.00 to $25.00. 

Kirby has matured from staying in his kennel to being

confined in my home office which contains two dog beds, some toys, and a water

bowl.  Each morning before I leave for

work I place treats in one or two interactive toys to give him something to

occupy his time.  He bats it all around the room beginning before I have even left the room. It’s always completely empty when I get home.

This was taken when Trixie was staying with us.  Kirby quickly realized that he was doing all the work while she was getting all the treats.  Notice how he walks away looking disinterested every time she shows up.

Kirby and I give Nita Ottosson's Pyramid Dog Toy a big paws up!

Thanks for reading!