Comparing My Dorkie

I have had my little Dorkie boy since he was six weeks old.  Today he is now 2 years, 7 months, 2 weeks and 6 days old to be exact.  I have become an authority on the Dorkie dog breed, actually I have become an authority on Kirby the Dorkie.  Out of curiosity I decided to compare him to the "breed standard" as given on other sites.  Surprisingly there weren't very many.

The first site I found was

General Description

The Dorkie has a long, smooth coat that is usually black and red. The legs are short and the body is long. The coat is easy to care for and is generally fluffy and soft. The profile is low.

This was pretty much spot on.  Kirby's coat can grow mid-length, is black and reddish-tan.  He has lost a lot of the black as he has aged, especially on his face and head.  His legs are short in comparison to his long body, however, his profile is not really low.

Kirby the Dorkie
Kirby the Dorkie


Dorkies, because they are part Dachshund are very good at barking. Although they may be a small breed, they have a very loud, short, deep bark. 

For a long time we weren't sure if Kirby knew how to bark.  Even now, if he barks we notice since he only barks for a reason.  The one thing he does which could be considered irritating is squeak his toys over and over and over again.  

The Dorkie loves to be a lap dog and craves attention. They are known to burrow under covers and love to go for rides in the car. 

True, true, true and true!  In the winter I wake to find him completely under the covers.

Dorkie Puppy

This breed is very smart and easy to train. They are great for first time dog owners. Some tend to be picky eaters and it may take awhile to find their preferred diet. 

Kirby is very smart and easy to train.  Sometimes when asking him to do something I can see in his eyes that he is contemplating if he really wants to do it.  His submissive nature usually wins and he complies.  I clicker train with treats but I really think he thinks we are playing a game.

Dorkies often become very attached to one person but still do well with others in the family. They are good with kids and are very gentle. 

Again true.  He loves everybody but is my little shadow.  An important reason he does so well at rally and agility classes is that he is so focused on me watching and listening to everything I say or do.  At a recent doggie pool party people were amazed that wherever I walked he remained by my side even though he wasn't on a leash.  

He has a great empathy with children knowing when to be gentle.  One time at the lake a little boy was crying so Kirby went to him, sat next to him, and placed his head on his lap.  Another time a little boy was terrified of dogs and his mom wanted to help him get over his fear.  Somehow Kirby knew to sit very still until the boy was finally very close and petting him.

Kirby the Dorkie

They do well in apartments or a house as well as with large families. Most are not hyper and may sleep close to 18 hours a day. Although, some may be very hyper. When children are present, they love to play. They need several leash walks a day or to be let loose in a large yard. 

Kirby could live anywhere.  Being small he can get plenty of exercise just running around inside my house. He has short bursts of hyper then rests.


It is likely that a Dorkie will be long-bodied and usually a bit taller than a Dachshund; however, not as tall as a Yorkshire Terrier. 

Kirby is long-bodied.  His legs are longer than a dachshund.  I don't know how fast a dachshund can run but Kirby can run quite fast.  He loves a game of chase, that is if he's the one being chased!


7-20 pounds for Dachshunds

5-15 pounds for Yorkshire Terriers

His weight always surprises people.  He looks more fragile like a yorkie and it's when someone picks him up that they realise how heavy he is.  It must be the dachshund because he is all muscle.  One time he effortlessly pulled a cast iron umbrella holder he was tied to completely off the deck.  Kirby's weight fluctuates close to 15 pounds, give or take an ounce or two.  Yes, my chunky boy could lose a pound or two but then I'd have to stop baking treats for him.

Kirby the Dorkie

General Health

They are generally a healthy breed, but may be prone to genetic diseases present in Yorkshire Terriers and Dachshunds.

So far he is very healthy.

Kirby the Dorkie


Dorkies are very low maintenance dogs. The occasional nail clipping and grooming is necessary. Some Dorkies do have longer coats than others that may need to be trimmed, but other than that, no other major maintenance required. 

Agreed.  His coat will grow about mid length if left alone.  I trim it in the summer months because he gets so hot.  I keep his muzzle, hair above his eyes, and feet trimmed.  Otherwise, we can just let his coat air dry after a bath. He has the yorkie coat which is like human hair with no undercoat.  

It's very soft and manageable.

Ideal Environment

Dorkies ideally like to be inside. They like to be comfortable and to be around people. They are a wonderful apartment dog and love kids. They have moderately high energy and need daily exercise. They enjoy long leash walks, meeting other dogs and riding in cars. 

Kirby lives inside but loves to go outside and loves children.  He is high energy but takes lots of naps in between.  He does like other dogs and riding in the car.

The other site I found was

Living with a Dorkie

The Dorkie has very sweet disposition.  The Dorkie is a very happy dog who loves to give kisses and play. They also love to be a lap dog. The Dorkie is a great family dog who loves kids and other pets.  The Dorkie has short, sharp barks.

Kirby has a very sweet, submissive nature.  He's always happy and loves everyone, people, dogs, cats, bunnies...

Kirby the Dorkie

Dorkie Appearance

The Dorkie can have the Dapple coat like the Dachshund but longer like the Yorkie. They may possibly inherit two different color eyes a trait of the Dachshund.  The Dorkie may have one blue eye inherited from the Dachshund parent. The ears of the Dorkie can be floppy like the Dachshund's or stand erect like the Yorkie's with fringing. The body of the Dorkie is smaller in size but longer like Dachshund. The Dorkie may have a slight paddle foot which is good for digging out rabbits. The tail of the Dorkie can be left natural and is usually wagging. The coat of the Dachshund can be dapple, black & tan or gold and black in color. The coat of the Dorkie is very soft with light wispy hairs.

Kirby has brown yorkie eyes, fringed yorkie ears that hang halfway down (I know he is afraid or upset if he holds them completely back), and a long body.  His feet are somewhat paddled which is great for swimming and, sadly, for digging.  His tail has been docked but can still be seen wagging like crazy.  His soft, wavy coat was black and tan but as he has grown he has lost a lot of the black.

Kirby the Dorkie

Dorkie Health

The Dorkie may have skin allergies. The Dorkie may have mild flaking of the skin as a pup.

Kirby did have dry, flaky, itchy skin.  I used to brush it pretty vigorously to loosen the flaking which eased his scratchy itching.  He rarely has a problem anymore since he is on a healthy diet and we use natural shampoos.

Extra Dorkiness

Kirby will not fetch but can bring us almost any toy he has by name.  He wants to play all the time.  Whenever someone drops by he will find his newest toy to show them.  When playing if we lose hold of the toy he is tugging, he will bring it close enough for us to hold onto again.  He is dorky as he can do some of the funniest things.  He loves the water and swims like a fish.  He is practically fearless - he may be frightened or startled but then will investigate.  I think he can read my mind!

Well, overall, I think Kirby measures up!  Or he could very well be the Dorkie standard by which all Dorkies are measured.  Just saying.