The Cotton District, Starkville, MS

The Cotton District is located in the older section of downtown Starkville, Mississippi.  It has been renovated over the years with new buildings made to look old.  It has a New Orlean's French Quarter flair which I love.  There are several pubs, restaurants, and small shops mixed in with many houses which have been converted to apartments.  The majority of the residents are college students.  It's a great area filled with dog lovers!  In fact, the only dog park in Starkville is located just a few blocks from here.

It's a very busy area on Friday and Saturday nights but much quieter during the afternoon hours.  Today we chose to go to Bin 612 which specializes in delicious authentic Italian cuisine.  It has both an inner secluded courtyard and a large patio facing the street.

These are small pubs situated across the street.  The pubs are on the bottom floors with apartments on the upper floors.  Next door are more apartments with a sushi bar on the ground floor.  There is also a delightful coffee shop.

The Bin 612 menu carries beers, wines, pizza, sandwiches, and even full course steak dinners.  We relaxed and had a few beers as we decided what we wanted to eat.  Eventually we ordered the Zorba Pizza, one of their signature pizzas smothered in a tomato sauce with artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, cheese and crumbled bacon.  Yum!

They have a lovely shaded patio with a metal fence enclosure so Kirbs could enjoy people watching.  He freaks out when he sees someone on a bicycle but otherwise wants to tell everyone hello.  He was a welcomed guest in the patio area, along with a beautiful weimaraner and a tiny chihuahua, and was treated to his very own bowl of water with ice and a plate for some pizza.  He had definitely worked up an appetite!

We tried to get Kirby to sit in a chair for a picture but he refused to cooperate!  He was having way too much fun people watching!

We heart the Cotton District!