DIY Kirby Fence

How to build a fence for Kirby - Phase One.

1.   Measure the distance to be enclosed.  My house sits on almost a full acre of land which means a very large back yard.  We decided to enclose 200 linear feet which would include the large pin oak tree for shade and my island containing the arbor and various perennials.  The raised vegetable beds have become more work than I have time so they will be dismantled.  I grow zinnias in one and vegetables in another so at a later date I hope to add one or two small beds inside the fenced area.

2.   Using a tape measure and string mark off the lines for the fence.

3.   Purchase 26 posts and 10 bags of #80 quickcrete.  We decided to make the fence only 4 feet high so the yard area outside the fence could still be seen which would look better asthetically.  Since I live in town I didn't want to offend my neighbors.

4.   Set posts using a post digger and manual labor.  Doug and some friends set most of the posts while Tara and I went to Monroe, Louisiana for one of her wedding showers.  I did help set the last posts by holding the posts in place and then shoveling up the removed dirt.

5.   Place order for 26 4x8 dog eared fence panels.

6.   Allow Kirby to do a test run of the perimeter.

He is going to love the freedom of running and playing in a safe area without being attached to his tie-off.  I will love being able to have pots of flowers, etc on the deck again.  I will especially love not having to untangle his tie-off which is a never ending event.  Kirby tested, Kirby approved!

DIY Kirby Fence Finale