Pooch Pool Party Recap

The 1st Annual Pooch Pool Party sponsored by the Oktibbeha County Humane Society was held Saturday, August 13, 2011 from 10 am to 12 noon at Moncrief Park, Starkville, Mississippi, and was a great success! There was a large turnout of canines and humans.  Every dog, small or large, was friendly and well behaved.

Kirby was in his element! He loves the cool water and takes to it like a duck. He jumped and swam nearly the full two hours. I'm not sure he was hugely popular with the other dogs, but his toy definitely was. Some dogs would run up and snatch it right out of his mouth then take off. Other dogs would try to retrieve it from the pool. Owners were great about getting it right back to us. 

Kirby does not retrieve.  Throw a ball or stick and he will chase it.  I guess he thinks we are throwing it away because we don't want it because he will catch it, sniff it, then walk away.  We think he fetched his toy because it's his and he didn't want another dog getting it.

I did have one scare when a large beautiful brindle pitt went after Kirby's toy in the pool.  She got to it about the same time Kirby did. As they collided she pushed him completely under the water with her paw.  I did panic but Kirby quickly popped his head back up as he raced her to the edge of the pool.  No harm done.  Notice which one has the toy in their mouth.

They gave out a lot of awards to different dogs which was fun.  Kirby won "Best Dog Paddle"

We were so busy with Kirby, meeting new people and new dogs, that we didn't realize WCBI News was there videotaping a feature segment.  I received an email notification about a post on FaceBook later that night telling me he was in the feature.  I couldn't upload the feature video but here's the link - http://titancast.titantv.com/p/wcbi/s/WCBI-News--6-Part-2---081311/12GI2LS8.aspx

A great time was had by all, human and canine.  I hope this starts a trend in surrounding cities and towns.  Lol, we could travel the circuit, pool by pool!

Doug took some great videos which I'll post later in the week.

First Annual Dog Paddle