Safety Tips for Weekend Fun with your Pup

By Contributing Writer, Vet Depot

Trips to the beach, hikes, outings at the dog park and other
weekend excursions can be a lot of fun for both you and your pooch! Many dogs
relish the chance to get out of the house and socialize with other people and
doggy companions. Below are a few tips for dog owners to make weekend adventures
fun and safe for pets:

•Make sure
your dog is up-to-date with all vaccinations:
Before taking your pup anywhere where he is
exposed to a lot of other dogs, make sure all vaccinations are current.
Potentially fatal diseases like Parvovirus are transmitted through animal
contact, so don’t take any chances and make sure your pooch is protected.

of car sickness
: Unlike people, dogs tend to get carsick out of anxiety,
not motion. For a dog that hasn’t had very much exposure to car travel, a
natural calming aid like HomeoPet Travel
Anxiety Drops
might be good idea. Your pet is more likely to enjoy his day
out without having to experience fear and anxiety during the car ride to your

Your pup is going to use a lot of energy while exploring new
terrain, playing and running around. Whatever your activity of choice is, make
sure your dog takes plenty of water breaks. Bring along a travel bowel and a
fresh bottle of water so that your lovable pooch doesn’t get dehydrated.

doggy sunburns:
If you plan on spending a day out in the sun, make sure you
protect your precious pooch from harmful UV rays. Make sure Fido gets plenty of
rest in the shade. Also, it doesn’t hurt to apply some sunscreen to the tips of
your pup’s ears and nose to prevent burn. Dogs that are light in color or short
haired are most at risk for sunburn and skin cancer.

good water safety:
If you’re taking your dog to the beach, make sure that
he only goes swimming under close supervision. It’s also a good idea to check
with a lifeguard regarding daily conditions and never let your pup swim on a
day with strong tides. 

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