Kirby's Barkinista Bag

Kirby has had the same travel bag for the past two years.  It's durable and large enough to hold all of his essentials for both day trips and long distance travel.  So he didn't really need a new one...

Until I saw this beauty.  On sale.  In his signature blue and carob colors.

Notice the blue wall (my home office) behind the purse is the exact color used in Kirby's logo.  Then notice it's the same color on the purse.  A knock-off purse by a famous designer just waiting to be used as a doggie bag.  On the inside it has two deep compartments and pockets plus a zippered pocket in the back.  I swear it screamed at me, "I would be perfect for your little barkinista"!  "Oh yes you would", I responded.

Why does Kirby need his own bag?  It's just so easy to keep his things in one place ready to go at a given moment.  So what are his essentials...

A hairbrush, fold-up raincoat, portable water bottle, poop bags, toothpaste for doggie breath, musher's secret for his tender paws, flea deterrent, and of course his medical records.  In the winter I might throw in a hoodie or sweater and always a bag of treats.  If traveling then I throw in pre-measured bags of dog food.

Does your dog have their own barkinista bag?  What do you consider their essentials?

Extra Goodie Made Today:

Molasses Kisses

  • 1 cup plain yogurt
  • 1 Tbsp blackstrap Molasses
Mix together and spoon into silicon molds.  Let freeze and serve.  These frozen treats are yummy gooey messy!

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