Happy Birthday Mama!

Happy Birthday 4

Happy Birthday Mama!

I was gonna bake you a cake but I don't know how and I was gonna buy you a present but you changed your computer password again so I don't have any money.  I was really bummed but then I knew the best birthday present I could give you is me!

I promise to bring all my toys to you so you can pick which one you want to play with.

I promise to miss you when you is gone and be so very happy every time you come home.

I promise to comfort you when you is sad and play with you when you is happy.

I promise to snuggle with you whenever and where ever you is sleeping.

I promise to protect you and keep you safe by barking if I hears something so you can see what it is.

I promise to be your loyal friend always staying close by your side.

I promise to be the best boy I can be and make you laugh at my dorkieness.

I promise to never hold a grudge or stay angry with you.

I promise to love you with all my heart no matter what.

Wags and kisses,

Your Kirby Bear

P.S. I is declaring today Mama Day!  I'll go fetch your slippers now.  Rut row, you hasn't taught me that trick yet!