Doggie Day Camp

If you read my blog then you know Kirby is my only dog.  I have socialized him as much as possible with a variety of people and interactions with other dogs.  He has taken puppy classes, rally classes and agility classes.  He visits the local dog park at least twice a month.  When we are fostering he has a playmate 24/7 for roughly two month stretches.

He went to doggie day camp once about a year ago.  Today he is going to Doggie Day Camp again!  I have a day of shopping and visiting friends in Jackson which is an hour and half drive away.  Since we are leaving early this morning and won't return until late tonight I decided doggie day camp would be the best alternative and a lot of fun for him.

So where do the smart pets attend Doggie Day Camp?  The

PetSmart PetsHotel

of course! 

PetSmart Doggie Day Camp is a superior alternative to dog sitting. It's a place for your pooch to enjoy hours of play and exercise when you can't be there. Your best friend will enjoy playing with our caring staff and other friends who have been screened for group dog day camp play. You'll feel good because a day at dog day camp is good for him, and when you pick him up, his wagging tail will tell you he's happy. What's more, a day at dog day camp is ideal for helping him burn off extra energy. You'll also love this superior alternative to dog sitting because:

- Each dog must pass our Pawsitively SafeSM Pet Evaluation and Assessment before participating in camp to ensure all dogs have a safe and enjoyable experience.

- We employ a strict vaccination policy

- Our Pet Care Specialists are pet-loving professionals who are PetSmart safety-certified and trained in behavior assessment

- Our indoor facility provides a safe, clean, climate-controlled environment for dogs to play in. For the safety and comfort of our pet guests, all activities take place inside the PetsHotel.

- We're open seven days a week and have flexible drop-off and pick up times

Snack ‘n Play Package

A combination of one Treat Time, one Snack Kong® and two Group Play Time session. These extras offer your best fun, exercise and special treats to keep him happy and busy during his stay. And it’s a great value!

Treat Time

Sure to be your dog’s favorite time of the day, Treat Time features dog-safe soft serve ice cream with a side of crunchy dog biscuits. It’s not only fun and delicious, the biscuits help to reduce tartar on your dog’s teeth.

Snack Kong

Your dog will love this extra-special treat of a Kong® toy stuffed with tasty filling. He’ll get a great chewing workout with this deluxe snack.

Bone Booth

Just call during lobby hours and we’ll bring your pet to the phone if you want to chat. After all, we understand your special bond and know you may want to keep in touch. Plus, this add-on is free of charge!

We chose the Snack N Play Package.  For $24.00 Kirby gets two group play sessions, a treat time with ice cream, and a Snack Kong to play/eat when he is in his atrium room resting on a hypoallergenic lambskin blanket.  The staff will take him for a walk to one of the Relief Rooms that resemble an outdoor park where he can be let off leash to do his business and feed him his dinner with the food I provide.  I haven't decided if I'll call him but I might, you know, just to test out the Bone Booth!

More pluses are since the hotel is inside the PetSmart Store they have a veterinarian on call, cameras set up for optimum observation, and for Kirby to escape he would have to go through three doors before getting outside.  There are other packages and add-ons to choose from including private training sessions, private suites with televisions, nail trims, and exit baths.  So I get to have some fun shopping and visiting friends knowing Kirby is having fun playing with new friends living the good life while waiting for me to return.

Thanks for reading!