Kirby Barks About TV Shows

Monday through Friday I go to work leaving Kirby home alone for nine hours each day.  I've often wondered what he does while I'm away.  He doesn't tear up anything or make any messes.  I do find a few toys on the floor throughout the house and his treat dispensing toys are always empty.

Deciding to ask him what he does all day long he surprised me with his answer, "Well, I plays with my toys, I guards the house and looks out the windows, I take some naps, and I watches shows on the tv."  What?  Wait a minute, he watches tv?  I didn't even know he knew how to use the remote control!

"Kirby what shows do you watch?"  I didn't recognize the names of any of the shows until I realized his 'shows' were commercials.  Once I pointed this out, he simply replied,  "Mama, don't your shows and movies tell a story?  Commercials tell a story too so they must be shows too."  I really couldn't argue with that!

Here are some of Kirby's favorite 'commercial' shows...

Kirby is such a happy little guy.  Maybe laughter is good medicine for the soul.