Kirby's Kimpton Hotels Top 5 Prize Package

I entered Kirby in this contest in May.  You can read all about it here.  It was a lot of hard work and stress but now that it's over, thank God, he is getting some great prizes thanks to the many fans and friends who voted for him!  We do love you guys!
Dear Paw-parazzi Round 6 Winner,
I'm the independent administrator of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants' Paw-parazzi Contest. Congratulations to you and your adorable pet, Kirby. Your photo was a top five vote-getter in Round 6 (May 16-31, 2011). You've won pet-tacular prizes from Kimpton's partners: a $25 gift card from Olive Green Dog, a delicious Munch Box from Polka Dog Bakery, a year-long subscription to Fido Friendly magazine, and a $30 gift card for Republic of Paws for Sherpa Pet Products...
So Kirbs and I did a little shopping and eagerly checked the mailbox each day!

$25 certificate from Olive Green Dog

We checked out their eco friendly products and found a greatselection to choose from.  Kirby loves his interactive toys so I selected the Nina OttossonPyramid Jr. interactive toy which are generally much more than I'm willing to pay.  It's 4 1/2inches tall and shaped like a beehive with a weighted bottom and one hole onthe side near the top.  The dog has topush it around to make treats fall out. Sounds easy but the weighted bottom makes it right itself up again.   I figured this would keep him busy so Ichose the blue one for $18.50.

I had seen anadvertisement for the Musher's Secret Paw Protection Wax in our recent FidoFriendly magazine.  We have tried severaldifferent boots all of which Kirby hates. This product is made from 100% natural wax that forms a breathable bondwith the dog's paws allowing perspiration to escape through the toes.   It is supposed to aid in protecting yourdogs paws from salt and chemicals, ice build-up, snowballing, sand, sand-burn,hot pavement, and rough terrain and is completely safe if licked.  I decided to try it for $14.99.

After applying the gift certificate I paid the difference of$16.00 which included the shipping so I did splurge at this store.  When we received the package Kirby was delighted to find two little doggie cookies tucked in among his gifts!  I have started using the Musher's Wax which doesn't bother him at all and seems to be working although it's too early to tell.  Kirby does like the Dog Pyramid.  I promise to do a post soon on this fun interactive toy!

Munch Box of Polka Dog Bakery Treats ($20 value)
Kirby received a cute little metal lunchbox with a little bag of Mighty Dog dehydrated all natural Chicken Littles treats which he enjoyed very much.

A year-long subscription to Fido Friendly magazine  ($20 value)
Yea, another year!  We justsubscribed to this magazine last month and love it!  Great stories... beautiful pictures...information we can use!

$30 gift certificate to Republic of Paws for Sherpa PetProducts

We received emails within days from each company except this one.  I finally sent an email to Kimpton Hotels and received and email from Republic of Paws the next day.  I guess they lost Kirby's name :(  So on June 24th Kirby and I finally got to visit their online store and do some shopping. 

Kirby has a harness we use for his car seat and for walking.  He just got a brand new big boy car seat so I decided he really should have a dedicated car harness.  We chose the Sherpa To Go Safety Car Harness for $20.00.  It's great - he just steps into it and it snaps together on his back.  I leave it buckled to his car seat strap so it's always ready.

Kirby used to have a big stuffed bear he loved to play with until one of our fosters chewed it to smithereens so Kirby pleaded for the Grriggles Pedigree Pal Schnauzer which was only $9.00.  He loves his favorite new stuffed anipal!

Our total was $29.00 plus $7.00 shipping.  Using my gift card we only had to pay $6.00 shipping.  I must say we were excellent shoppers at this store!

On June 9, 2011 I received an email from Pet Airways:

As a thank you for entering the Kimpton contest we are offeringa 10% discount for travel on Pet Airways. Just give us a call at 1-888-PET-AIRWAYS and mention "KPET10"for a 10% discount on a future Pet Airways reservation!  Wow, if we ever get to take a trip somewhere...