Kirby Wins Sam's Club Pet-tastic Savings Giveaway Photo Contest

Woofie woof woof!  He won! He won!  Kirby the Dorkie IS photogenic!

A few weeks ago I decided to enter the Sam's Club "Pet-tastic Savings Giveaway” Photo Contest which had been tweeted on Twitter.  The contest required becoming a Twitter follower of Sam's Club and sending a tweet with a link to a photo that shows just how you would pamper your

pet with the money you save by taking care of their everyday needs at

Sam’s Club.

The entered photos were judged on the relevance to theme (33.3%), creativity of photo (33.3%), and humor of photo (33.3%).  I was told there were 52 entries which were judged by Life With Dogs, DogTipper, and Pawcurious.

The Grand Prize is a one-year Sam’s Club Plus Membership (approximate value: $100),  a one-year supply of pet food

and snacks (approximate value: $940), and a one-year supply of PetArmor!

Kirby is a very pampered pup so I started by taking pictures of him with all of his stuff, ie., food, treats, clothes, toys, beds, leashes, everything he owned.  I didn't like any of those so next I took pictures of him with all of his food and treats, then with all of his clothes, and so on.  I still wasn't crazy about the pictures we were coming up with.

Then we hit the jackpot!  Would you believe the winning picture was almost by accident?  Kirby had gotten tired of the posing and started playing with one of his stuffed animals.  I started tossing more at him and that's when the light bulb went off.  "Kirby, freeze!"  "Cuddle with your animals Kirby!"  "Perfect!"  He loves his animals more than anything.  He even knows the name of each one and can fetch it on command.  Lol, he got so cozy during our little photo shoot he almost fell asleep!  "Hey, Kirby did you already know what the picture should be from the beginning?"

This is the winning photo and caption

Kirby Bear:   Kirby isn't spoiled, he's pampered!  Good food, yummy treats, massages, rides in the car, the list goes on and on!  But what he loves, loves, loves are his cuddly, squeaky toys!

Hint:  Kirby's the fluffy "teddy bear" in the middle!

Thank you so much to Sam's Club and the judges for loving our cuddly Kirby Bear!  We received an email yesterday afternoon telling us Kirby's picture had won.  However, we were told we couldn't say anything until all three judges had made their announcements on Twitter.  Here they are:


Nigelbugger  (from Life With Dogs)

Big congrats to @KirbytheDorkie for winning the Sam’s Club Pet Month contest! The entries were terrific, thank you for playing! #SamsClubPet


Congrats to @KirbytheDorkie for winning the #SamsClubPet Pet Month contest! Thanks to all who entered...we loved seeing everyone's photos!


Congratulations @KirbytheDorkie for winning the Sam’s Club Pet Month contest! Thanks to all who entered! #SamsClubPet


Congrats, @KirbytheDorkie ! You’ve won 1-year Plus Membership + pet food, snacks & PetArmor for a year in #SamsClubPet!

Kirby's announcement to his Twitter peeps:


Woofie, Woof! My picture won #SamsClubPet Month Contest! I wants to thank all my cuddly stuffed animals! ;)