The Benefits of Canine Supplements

By Contributing Writer Vet Depot

As loving dog owners, we try to do whatever we can to keep our loyal companions happy and healthy. We make sure they get plenty of exercise, that they eat nutritious food and that they get regular vet checkups. Sometimes, adding a nutritional supplement to the mix can help your pup lead an even healthier lifestyle.

If you’re just looking to make sure your dog is getting a healthy amount of daily vitamins and minerals, a multi-vitamin is an excellent idea. Canine multi-vitamins support the overall health of your dog and are usually available in senior versions for pets that are getting up there in age.These types of vitamins are often times flavored to be tasty for your pet, so your dog will think he’s getting a treat while actually consuming a healthy dose of daily vitamins.

If your dog has a specific ailment, such as joint pain or kidney disease, there are many supplements available to support the healthy function of that particular part of the body. Popular joint health supplements include Joint Max and Cosequin for dogs. These supplements contain glucosamine and chondroitin, two substances that research has shown improve healthy joint function. Veterinarians often recommend Azodyl to dogs with chronic kidney disease to aid in natural dialysis. Other serious conditions that might benefit from a supplement include heart disease, liver disease, cognitive dysfunction disorder and urinary tract disease. 

Supplements can also help the way your sweet pup looks on the outside. Nutritional supplements can help eliminate tear stains, provide you rpet’s itchy skin relief from allergies and maybe even improve the sheen and luster of your pretty pet’s coat.

As with any concern regarding your pet’s health, it’s best to discuss the possibility of adding a supplement to your dog’s daily routine with your veterinarian.

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