Fruity Ice Pups

Another scorching hot summer day in Mississippi which means we need an icy cold treat!  Kirby has such a sweet tooth so I love to find healthy treats that can also satisfy his sweet cravings.  Whenever I make some juice from concentrate I also make a few cubes for Kirby and our guest doggers.  So simple and so healthy!

Fruity Ice Pups

Fruity Ice Pups

A can of dog friendly juice creates a cooling dog treat your pups will appreciate on a scorch day!

> Yields: 9-1/2 cups
Prep Time:
Cook Time:
Freeze Time:

These will remain somewhat slushy so if you are making a lot they can be frozen in individual cups for ease of storing and serving.  So far Kirby's favorite does seem to be orange juice with pulp.  Please remember these are treats, and even though all natural, they have a lot of sugar which can be fattening.  Never use grape juice!

1 hot day + 1 simple ingredient = 2 happy doggers!

OK, so I don't really go to this much trouble or make this many at one time - it's a photo op!  What I really do is pour some prepared juice in little 3 oz. plastic cups I get at the Dollar Store (50 for a $1.00), pop them in the freezer, and voila!  Kirby really doesn't care how I make them as long as I make them.