Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler Vest

We live in Mississippi.  It doesn't just get hot here in the summer, it's gets humid.  We're talking sweaty humid.  Heat stroke becomes a real possibility for both humans and canines.  We keep a close eye on Kirby making sure he doesn't get over heated or dehydrated.  He has a kiddie pool in the back yard which he jumps into often.  If we are on the go and stop at a store one of us stays with him in the vehicle in order to keep the air conditioner running.  Whenever we attend outside events with him, we actually wet him down throughout the day so he is soaking wet but cooled.

I came across the Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler Vest quite by accident while surfing the net one day.  Intrigued I read every article and advertisement.  The reviews were nothing short of amazing. 

What is it used for?

  • Hiking and biking in the heat
  • Running and walking in the heat
  • Playing on the beach
  • Boating in full sun
  • Participating in outdoor agility trials and/or dog shows
  • Great for dark colored or thick-coated dogs

How does it work?
  • Just soak it in cold water, wring it out, andfasten around your dog
  • Auto-lock buckles on each side of the jacketprovide easy on/off. 
  •  Three-layer construction maximizes coolingeffects:
              - Top air-mesh layer generates evaporation,releasing heat
              - Middle layerabsorbs and stores the cool water
              - Bottom layer coolsthe dog

Choosing the right size.

After measuring Kirby's girth at 15 inches I purchased the XXS which did easily fit around his girth but turned out to be too small as far as length and coverage for his body.  I returned it for the XS which was a perfect fit so I recommend you go up a size when ordering for your dog.

Easy care - just wash and hang dry.

To say we heart this vest would be an understatement.  We think this is the greatest invention since sliced bread!  We don't wring it out and we do have to wet it down quite often.  It isn't like being inside in the air conditioning but we can tell it keeps Kirby at a tolerable level of comfort in the Mississippi heat.  Once it's on him the vest doesn't feel wet and his fur stays dry.  We have noticed when we put it on him he stops panting almost immediately.  We know it's time to add more water when he begins panting again.

We do get funny looks and comments though such as "Why would you make that little dog wear that in this heat?"  Once we explain they always want to know where to get one for their dog!