Our Home Office Redo

When my daughter became an adult and moved out I eventually (a year later) changed her room into my home office.  The decor resembled a green English library sort of look for quite a few years.  Since my "Kirby business" is growing - this website, FaceBook Page, Twitter, YouTube Channel, and Kirby's Barkery - I decided to redo the office in Kirby's signature colors of blue and carob.

I really think it is much more cheerful now and definitely Kirby inspired.  Lol, I think Kirby can now say he has his very own room!

He must be reading a really good post!


This is looking into the office from the hallway.

We use the banner at the festivals - I think it makes a rather nice decorating statement too!

I'm going to dye the canvas drapes covering the closet a carob brown.  I may even re-stain the desk and hutch a deeper brown tone.

Kirby, you are such a good worker boss!

We have also been busy updating our blog so be sure to look around and leave me a comment with your likes or dislikes.