Kirby the Dorkie Takes 4th Place!

Two weeks ago on May 16, 2011 we entered Kirby in the 

Kimpton Hotels Pet Paw-Parrazi Photo Contest

 for the chance to win a petacular weekend vacation.  Something I thought would be so easy was one of the hardest, most stressful things I have ever done.  I can honestly say we will never do a voting contest again!

This contest had six rounds and involved garnering FaceBook LIKES to try to make the top five places in each round.  Then the Grand Prize winner is picked from the thirty top five placing pets.  We begged and begged and begged!  The contest ended on May 31, 2011 at exactly 11:59:59 pm pacific time.  I actually googled a clock countdown, and with abated breath, watched it count down the last two minutes, then seconds to the magical moment.  Then I pulled up the website and Kirby and I danced a happy dance!  Praying he would somehow hold on to 5th place I gleefully saw he had captured 4th place!

He couldn't have done this without help from his friends.  Our many thanks to everyone who voted for Kirby!  We are also grateful to his faithful FaceBook fans who gave of their time and effort to get votes for him.  Shout outs and wags to Diana Crabtree and Max, Mildred Huff Turner and Jacks & Izzy, Carolyn Payne Powers, Debbie Kurland Rich and Charlie, Beth Gaskins and the

Royal Ruskies

, Dexter of

Dester's Ruff Life

, Steve from

Gangs of New Yorkie

, and one of our competitors 

Charlton Dane

 who asked for votes for Kirby on his page.  You guys totally rock our little world!  XOXO and happy wags!!

Please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone.  It's late and I am exhausted (but happy).

The Grand Prize winner was announced June 2, 2011!

Congratulations to Petey from Seattle! 

Am I disappointed? Yes but I felt it was worth the effort for a chance at a vacation.  I am also  truly humbled and grateful for Kirby's many fans and friends who see his beautiful spirit shining through.

Thanks for reading!