First Festival For Kirby's Barkery

We had our very first booth at the Market Street Festival in Columbus, Mississippi.  Kirby's Barkery was an official vendor.  How very cool is that?  We were the newbies on the block with a lot to learn.  Our "neighbors" were very friendly with lots of advice.  We listened.

Kirby's booth seemed to generate a lot of interest.  We sold 24 bags of cookies and a few doggie ties (a last minute "why not" product).  We also gave out a lot of business cards.  We weren't sure how to gauge our success or failure but were encouraged by the comments and reactions.  I think we will continue to do festivals on a random basis since word of mouth may be the best way to go.  Quite a few people wanted to know where they could purchase our cookies locally so I plan to call on a few local specialty stores to stock our cookies.

Overall, it was a really fun day!  I seem to have a passion for these doggie cookies so I'll just do my best and see where it leads me.  Woo hoo if it is a success!  Whatever if it is a failure!  At the very least I will be able to say I gave it my best!  Meanwhile Kirby gets to enjoy the best cookies ever!

Market Street Festival_01.JPG

We are an official Vendor!

Here's our booth.  We had a great shady spot with a little park area right behind which worked perfectly for Kirby.

Kirby quickly discovered he had enough length to walk through this opening in the front of our booth where he could greet our customers.

Sometimes he would just pop through to see what was going on which would bring more people over to meet him.

The children loved Kirby and would come from the little park behind our booth to pet him.  He was so sweet with each child.  One little boy who was terrified of dogs finally had the courage to come close enough to pet him.  Kirby gave him a kiss which made him smile.  A very special moment.

Several children kept coming back again and again.  Kirby was always ready with a friendly wag and kiss.

He was also very friendly with other doggers including this pretty little girl.

Doug shared his "human" food with a thankful Kirby.

Kirby was never able to take a nap since there was always something going on.  Poor baby became a very tired little dogger.  He went to sleep as soon as we were in the truck and slept the entire drive home.

Doug and I took turns manning the booth so the other could walk around to investigate the other booths.  Doug, being a man I suppose, didn't buy anything except beer and food.  Me?  This was a business venture so I restrained myself from purchasing a lot of lovely items.  However, I bought the most luscious chocolate brown purse.   I had spied it early that morning but didn't purchase it until the end of the day.  I admit I did keep checking to see if it was still there.  Eventually I concluded I just had to have it! 

The funniest event of the day?  The time Doug came back to the booth and said Kirby had pooped and he had to pick up his steamy little pile!  Ha, a first time for everything even if it is using a poop bag!

P.S.  If you noticed the vest Kirby is wearing just watch for my review.  This vest kept Kirby cool and in my opinion was worth every penny so if you live in an area with hot summers you're gonna want one for your dog.