Our Kirby Is International

Oh my dogginess! I was checking different components of our website to make sure everything was working as it should. I did discover our email subscription is not working. Something to do with Google taking over Feedburner so I will have to figure out how to fix it.

What really got my attention was the visitor and fan numbers.  Kirby's little "dog park" on FaceBook continues to gain fans which truly warms our hearts.  His fans are from all over the United States with a few fans from other countries.  Some fans are humans and some fans are beloved pets given voices by their owners.  We love interacting with them and seeing what they are doing or thinking in their various locations.

The really cool thing I discovered was when I checked on our visitor stats. I added this feature just a few months ago and was completely overwhelmed at what I found!  Every computer has a unique IP Address so this counter is able to count each unique visitor which means it doesn't count the same visitor again.  Each count represents someone new to our site.  I expected the vast majority to be from the United States.  I didn't expect the number to be so high.  I was humbled and honored by the number of visitors from other countries.

There are so many places and countries we may never get to visit but it looks like they are visiting us. Welcome to Kirby's humble little spot on the great internet!  We are so glad you came by to visit and we sincerely hope you keep coming back. We would love your comments on our posts for feedback and comparisons to what is happening in the lives of your pets.

I absolutely adore Kirby so this website is a beloved passion of mine.  I love sharing his adorkable antics and finding the information dog owners need.  Thank you so much for sharing this adventure with Kirby and I.
Realizing the vast numbers of visitors I plan to set up in the very near future a Paw Wall of sorts to spotlight dogs (and cats) of all our wonderful readers and visitors.  Let me know what you would want to see or any other suggestions to make Kirby the Dorkie the website you want to visit!